VMware Virtualization Projects
VMware Virtualization Projects and Consulting
There are many good reasons for companies and organizations to invest in VMware virtualization projects, but it is probably safe to assume that financial motivation is number one on the list. From consolidation to uptime, virtualization can save a lot of money.
VMware Virtualization
Network Medics is a VMware Enterprise Solutions Provider that specializes in VMware virtualization technology.

To acquire this high ranking is a requirement that takes a lot of time and effort by the solutions provider. From classes to certifications to experience, Network Medics has the virtualization experience to help with your solutions needs.

Virtualization is the most effective way to reduce IT expenses while increasing efficiency for businesses of all sizes. From consolidating hardware to simplifying management and deployment of new applications – We work with you to evaluate your current infrastructure and implement the best solution.

What is VMware Virtualization?

VMware’s virtualization platform means computing and operating in a virtual environment rather than a physical environment. Virtualization solves common IT challenges of spending too much money maintaining operations and not enough time on building better solutions. According to VMWare, IT departments channel 70% of their budget into maintenance, leaving scant resources for business-building innovation.

How is VMware virtualization consulting different with Network Medics?
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The People

With over 1000 collective projects, 82 years of collective experience, and 45 different technical certifications in-house, our highly educated and charismatic team of professionals completes projects on a daily basis from our stellar project planning and solutions team. When the people are qualified, then the work is best practice and the execution we bring to you is at the highest level.

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The Process

Our unique implementation process allows us to plan and complete our client projects with your uptime and revenue generation workflows at the top of minds. From design to implementation, our goal is for you to have the most exceptional experience during projects, quality assurance, and any follow-up support.

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Virtualization with VMware

VMware, Inc. is an American company that provides virtualization software to the majority of the enterprise market. They claim to be the first to successfully virtualize the x86 architecture commercially. Founded in 1998, VMware is based in Palo Alto, California.

Virtualization Consulting and Support:

  1. Virtual Server Hosting
  2. Virtual Datacenters
  3. Physical-to-Virtual Server Migrations
  4. Storage and Virtual Machine Resource Optimization
  5. Virtual Machine Migration
  6. Virtualization SMB Infrastructure Design
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