A Unique Technology Consulting Firm called Network Medics

It all started on a napkin at the Herkimer in Spring of 2008.

Alienated at their employers and armed with an obsession for technology, Patrick Massey and James Matheson sat down for a beer in early April. Over the course of an evening they took a single bar napkin and scratched out what would soon become the foundation of a unique technology consulting firm in Minneapolis. The company would be committed to leading edge technologies, customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices. Later that evening they contacted longtime friend and colleague, Kevin Calgren, to pitch the idea. Kevin eagerly joined the team and the adventure had officially begun.

By the end of the week Network Medics, Inc. was filed with the State of Minnesota and the trio set up camp in James’ basement. From a single hand-me-down desk they began building the business. They fought for customers one job at a time and by the end of the year had accumulated a small cash reserve. As could be expected, they spent it on technology toys, including a Dell server. They didn’t know at the time that this would become the cornerstone of the business – VitalVM VPS Hosting.

Technology Consulting Firm
Networkmedics Tech Team

Partners at Currie Office (2009)

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Networkmedics Tech Team

Commander Sean

By October they needed a second tech. It was clear in the spring of 2011, with new administrative and sales staff bursting at the seams that it was again time to upgrade. Network Medics moved to the Supercomputer Center at 1200 Washington Ave South in June of 2011 and continues to strive to be the premiere technology consulting and managed IT service firm in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Networkmedics Tech Team

Annual Herkimer Reset (2013)

Networkmedics Tech Team

Suit Up! Holiday Party (2014)