Technology Plans and IT Consulting
Strategic technology plans for your small or medium sized business is very important for setting up a solid road map to success.

While there are many ways to do this it all starts with a strategic IT plan. A proper IT or technology plan for your business should increase productivity, reduce operational costs, pain points, improve customer service, and be an equitable investment that will always grow with your business.

Technology Plans
Since 2008, Network Medics has been helping clients align technology needs with strategic business needs. We help define what technology is ideally needed to support your business by first understanding your business.

Network Medics is a leading Minneapolis-based IT managed services provider helping you maximize and optimize your IT budget with a customized strategic IT plan that will thoroughly address your current and future needs.

There are three important questions we ask
when creating a technology plan:
  • What drives your business cash flow (EBITDA) and outage ramifications?
  • What drives your less tangible but still critically important company value?
  • What are the “pain points” in your company’s revenue generating, mission-critical workflows

Whether it is a one-time project or ongoing VitalCare technology plans, we help our clients to assess technology from a cost/benefit perspective.

We will also interview your executive team and perhaps even other key employees. Often your employees know your worst pain points but don’t feel as though they can speak up. A network assessment will generally pull even the smallest issue that may become a bigger issue down the road. Therefore, we visit all key locations and work with your internal team to develop a thorough Technology Plan.

Networkmedics Technicians
Who would I work with at your organization?

All Network Medics technicians and solutions engineers have both consulting, certifications and “real world” experience. They clearly understand the difference between hypothetical and budget-conscious when it comes to planning how technology will help your business succeed We believe that for the foreseeable future, every company needs to position themselves as a technology company. Therefore, we will provide quality technology planning to optimally support your business.

Microsoft Server Migration projects with Network Medics
Network Infrastructure Icon

Network Infrastructure

The initial part of your technology plan is verifying that the right systems are in place that work properly for your business needs. From state-of-the-art Cloud to legacy solutions, our IT support company helps you determine your current and future IT systems needs, ensure that all critical business systems are up-to-date (software, hardware age, licensing, and warranties), and that your servers are properly utilized. We make sure that your IT infrastructure configuration matches the requirements for uptime vs. the budget available.

Data Backup Icon

Data Backup

In today’s business environment, your data is your company. Data needs to be backed up securely, efficiently, and professionally. Our Network Medics IT professionals help you determine a best practice backup regimen and will recommend a solid solution to secure your current and future business needs.

Business Continuity Icon

Business Continuity

In today’s fast-pace business environment, customers expect only uptime. Your business needs to be operating during its business hours. Depending on your downtime threshold, any minor or major disaster could put you out of business if not planned for in advance. We help you determine a disaster recovery or business continuity procedure that matches the needs and budget of your organization.

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Business IT systems need to be professionally protected from an internet based attack, viruses, hacking, phishing, and internal security breaches. Companies with regulation or legal requirements are generally required to have a multilayered or audited security plan in place. We help you determine the best way to protect your network and systems immediately and as tactics change in the future.

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While mainstream collaboration tools like Microsoft Dynamics, Cloud File Portals or Microsoft Office is commonplace, we know each business uses these tools differently based on their needs and aspiration. We review how your company utilizes its collaboration tools and recommend protocol that matches your workflow and budget.

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A business using up-to-date technology requires a quality connection to the internet. Our Minneapolis based Network Medics team can help you assess and acquire your current and future connectivity needs. We want to ensure that you have the bandwidth solution you need at the best possible price.

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Business Applications

Whether your company uses custom built applications or mainstream ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP, your software applications need to up-to-date and under warranty. We help you select the best applications for your business and ensure that they will be supported in the future.

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Remote Access

Overall, companies now require employees to be productive from anywhere. Whether that is on a workstation, laptop or mobile device, quick access to presentations, communications, software or corporate data is paramount to overall success. Our IT professionals analyze and choose the best remote access options to meet the user experience requirements of your company.

Data Capacity Icon

Data Capacity

Your company will always generate data. As it grows, so does the rate creation and archiving of data. It is important to ensure there is enough space on your laptops, workstations, and servers to store all data securely. We will help you assess current and projected data storage needs and suggest the best server, storage and device options for your company’s needs.

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