What is Network Assessment?

Network assessment is a concept that refers to different things in the context of network devices.

Secondly, it can relate to an analysis of such network devices to find which devices are obsolete. Lastly, however, network assessment could also refer to the network inventory used for discovering what network devices are running on the network.

Network assessment provides insight into four areas discussed below:
Identify and rectify bottlenecks caused by running programs that need additional bandwidth, streaming videos, or downloading huge files that can majorly slow down your network.

Identify the real requirements of your organization and then allocate resources accordingly. Overused or underused resources are identified as few departments in your organization may need extra network resources than others.

Detect potential benefits and pitfalls when rolling out new technologies and analyze how the new technology platform would fit into your current network configuration. You will get to know what integration points you need to consider and prepare for. All this provides a strategic approach and recommendations for long-term, short-term, and medium-term technology planning.

Identify security holes that need to be addressed instantly in order to prevent adverse impact on your network system and departmental operations.

Network Assessment

How Network Assessment Tool Works?

Network assessment eliminates the burden of manual device inventory and network auditing with network automation. Key benefits offered by network assessment include:

Check status of security policy compliance
Scan network device configurations for violations of external and internal security policies.

Save effort and time
Use network scanning and discovery to attain up-to-date information on all network devices.

Centralized repository for all multi-vendor devices
Swiftly access and use device data needed for troubleshooting and solving network issues.

  • Security assessment
  • Network performance assessment
  • The post-assessment reports and recommendations
  • Network inventory, analysis and network diagram

A network assessment process takes place via three stages:

  1. Preparing to execute the network assessment
    This stage involves setting customer expectations like length of assessment, defining scope, and so on.

  2. Executing the network assessment using different tools
    For network assessment, different tools are needed, and these tools belong to different categories that include:

    • Security assessment
    • Network performance assessment
    • The post-assessment reports and recommendations
    • Network inventory, analysis and network diagram

    There are tools available that will help you to identity the network devices operating in the organization; perform analysis on these devices; and even create network diagrams automatically from the discovered devices.

  3. Post-assessment reports and recommendations
    After completing the network assessment, you will need to make sense of all the data you have collected. You will also have to help the company understand what you have discovered. For instance, you will have to analyze whether there are any obsolete devices that should be immediately replaced and also if the overloaded server on the network has performance issues.

Your business isn’t static and neither is technology. You continually evolve, and need to keep in step with the latest innovations and updates. Whether its licensing, security, or credentials, it is important to have all of the information for your corporate network in an easy to understand document for security and planning purposes.

Periodic network assessments are vital to every company from business start-ups to enterprise.

We talk in easy to understand terms as we assess your organization’s current IT situation. It’s an investment that can save you thousands of dollars by uncovering current issues, help you avoid future loss, and take the first step to a technology plan. Network Assessments with Network Medics means a thorough review and deep dive to all of the aspects of licensing, warranties, equipment, diagrams, threats, resources, location, recovery, backup, planning, and an overall review of best practices.

Do you find yourself asking the following questions?

  • You are not sure of the status of your network – perhaps you lost your IT professional employee?
  • Are you an IT professional that needs help with reviewing the latest networking gear and planning an upgrade?
  • Have you ever wished someone could tell you what technology you have, evaluate security, and overall performance?

Our network assessments include an analysis of your business’ specific technical resources, security issues and operational processes. After our assessment we’ll review with you – in person. We go over all of the valuable information on the current design, security and performance of your IT environment. It’s a comprehensive answer to your IT questions and needs for today and the future.

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