VitalCare Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services for IT Departments

VitalCare Managed Network Services for IT Professionals from Network Medics will help any IT team, leader, or professional with the support, monitoring, and updates that many IT professionals don't have time for.

Many times we do this for 80–90% less than the cost of hiring an additional technology employee.

You have the skills to manage IT - but lack the resources, funds, or precious time. You're looking to outsource key IT functions to a trusted partner so you can focus on the true responsibilities of your job. From support tickets to planning, you will find working with Network Medics is unique because we are running in sync with you as part of your team. As your team member, our goal is to allow you to concentrate on running your department and work on the tasks you want and need us to complete.

Managed Network Services
You can expect to have an authentic relationship with us.

It's important we are seen as part of your team - not a utility like your phone vendor. Our customized managed network service packages are focused on just what you need and plan for where you need to go. Overall we help you maintain maximum uptime and keep the status quo.

We want to help you look good - real good. From our quality services to our staff, we have proven success in helping IT professionals reach superstar status at your office. When you look good, we look good.

Vitalcare Managed Network Services

Common Managed Network Services Requested from IT Professionals:

  • Co-managed ticketing system for projects, reporting, and support
  • 24x7x365 support, monitoring, EDR security, and backup
  • Managed VPS Hosting | Private Cloud
  • Managed Azure Hosting | Public Cloud
  • Legacy onsite servers
  • VMWARE Virtualization and Microsoft Server consulting
  • Office 365 or Hosted Email solutions and management
  • Single “pane-of-glass” secure remote connection and reporting to all systems
  • On-premise proactive or reactive technical support as required
  • Management of computers, Wi-Fi, servers, and network security
  • Hardware and software procurement with all warranty tracking
  • Project planning and management

VitalCare Managed Network Services is a Unique IT Experience for an IT Department

We believe every company should consider itself a technology company. The importance of uptime for business-critical systems like email is paramount to your success. Our VitalCare Managed IT Services allow you to concentrate on running your IT operations.

  • Built to support. From consistent communication to planning to vendor advocacy, we have an authentic partnership with you and your organization.
  • Our people are our core product. We are a highly educated and charismatic team of certified professionals.
  • Comprehensive Support. Day and night, our helpdesk and technical teams are monitoring, supporting, and protecting your entire network.
  • Extensive 24x7x365 monitoring ensures peace of mind with a clear view of your network's status, needs, and security requirements.
  • Management of hardware, software, licensing, warranties, and patch information.
  • Standardized, but still customized. Each solution is customized to your business using the appropriate products, schedules, and resources required.
  • Control of your data. Whether utilizing a cloud-based or traditional network, Network Medics' customized solutions ensure you know where your data exists and that we can resolve any issue directly.
  • Events and experiences. Whether you join us for a client training clinic or showcase event, we strive to put some fun into your experience with us.
  • No surprises. From reporting to support, you will hear, meet, and talk with us on a frequent and consistent basis. after in the technology community.
Choose Managed Network Services Vs. IT Employee

It is common that many companies see their outsourced IT vendor as a commodity like their electric, internet, or phone company - because you never see them. When it comes to your network, it is important we are seen as part of your team as that is the experience you will receive. IT unemployment is very low (2.3%) and compensation is at an all-time high.

Our highly educated, certified, and charismatic team of professionals are tested, scrutinized, and hand-picked to make sure they exemplify the core values, drive, and ethics of Network Medics. The following table is a brief list of differences between hiring Network Medics vs. an expensive IT employee.

If you feel that an IT employee is an option for your business, here are 4 open questions to consider:

  • Can you manage a technician or know the IT skills required?
  • How can you truly gauge the skill and experience level of the IT employee?
  • How will you retain them long-term?
  • How do you verify this employee is adhering to industry best practices, esp. when it comes to credentials, disaster recovery, and compliance?