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Managed IT Services Minneapolis
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What is Managed IT Service?

An organization's IT services that are outsourced/offloaded to an external IT service provider are referred to as managed IT services. The managed service provider assumes 360-degree responsibility for the organization's entire IT operations, including 24X7 monitoring, on-demand IT support, and problem-solving.

Managed IT services vs. Traditional IT services

An important differentiating feature of managed IT services compared to traditional IT services is that the managed service provider takes responsibility for providing the services to its customers and strategic IT decisions are taken proactively by the service provider and communicated to the customers. Managed IT service providers are thus serving as engineering advisors for their clients in the area of IT implementation rather than simply suppliers on order.

Usually, a managed service provider provides a pay-per-use pricing model whereby customers are charged based on the services provided. Instead of outsourcing specific IT activities, more and more organizations are going for managed IT services models to reduce their IT risk and be prepared for the future in terms of technological disruptions. A brochure on IT-managed services outlines the service provider's assistance and helps to understand what IT services are being managed.

Benefits of Managed IT Service Providers Minneapolis

  1. Reduce Risk

    Every investment made by your company carries a certain risk. Regulations of government, technologies, markets, financial conditions, and markets all change rapidly. Thanks to our industry knowledge of fields such as regulation and security issues, we handle a lot of this threat to you when you use an outsourcing contractor.

  3. One of the advantages of our managed service model is providing personalized approaches for each consumer.

  5. By contracting to an MSP acquainted with PCI compliance requirements, we minimize the risk involved with credit card numbers, customer data, or any other sensitive information.

  7. A controlled service's primary profit is the ability to reduce business costs. One of the benefits not always considered by companies is that MSPs help reduce the risk of expensive network accidents.

  9. They receive the fastest response time support when companies work with Network Medics. We can repair most of the network problems from our network operations center that your business might have.

VitalCare Managed IT Services from Network Medics will help your company with the support, monitoring, and consulting required that you need to thrive.

The importance of uptime for business-critical systems like email is paramount to your success. Our VitalCare Managed IT Services Minneapolis is unique we act as part of your team. We truly allow you to concentrate on running your business.

You can expect to have an authentic relationship with us.

It is important we are seen as part of your team - not a utility like your phone vendor. Our customized packages are focused on just what you need and plan for where you need to go. Overall we help you maintain maximum uptime and keep the status quo.

Vitalcare Managed IT Services

Common Services included in a VitalCare Managed IT Solution:

  • Proactive and reactive onsite support
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of workstations, servers, and network equipment
  • Cloud hosting and local servers
  • Application hosting
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Office 365 or Hosted Email solutions
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, SPAM, and content-filtering protection
  • Secure remote connection to systems and servers
  • Client concierge services with vendor advocacy and technology planning
  • Management of computers, Wi-Fi, servers and network EDR security
  • Hardware, Licensing and software procurement with warranty tracking
  • Project planning and management

A VitalCare Managed IT Service Minneapolis is a Unique IT Experience

We believe every company should consider itself a technology company. The importance of uptime for business-critical systems like email is paramount to your success. Our VitalCare Managed IT Services Minneapolis allows you to concentrate on running your business.

  • Built to support. From consistent communication to planning to vendor advocacy, we have an authentic partnership with you and your organization.
  • Our people are our core product. We are a highly educated and charismatic team of certified professionals.
  • Comprehensive Support. Day and night, our helpdesk and technical teams are monitoring, supporting, and protecting your entire network.
  • Extensive 24x7x365 monitoring ensures peace of mind with a clear view of your network's status, needs, and security requirements.
  • Management of hardware, software, licensing, warranties, and patch information.
  • Standardized, but still customized. Each solution is customized to your business using the appropriate products, schedules, and resources required.
  • Control of your data. Whether utilizing a cloud-based or traditional network, Network Medics' customized solutions ensure you know where your data exists and that we have the ability to resolve any issue directly.
  • Events and experiences. Whether you join us for a client training clinic or showcase event, we strive to put some fun into your experience with us.
  • No surprises. From reporting to support, you will hear, meet, and talk with us on a frequent and consistent basis. after in the technology community.