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Why You Need Secured Wi-Fi to Go With Your Computer IT Services in Plymouth

Having a great Wi-Fi connection at the office can have a significant impact on your productivity. It is crucial to establishing connectivity and stable communications, which are, in turn, essential for improving your sales and production. But your Wi-Fi might also end up causing a lot of problems if it is left unsecured. If you are planning on getting computer IT services in Plymouth to boost your cybersecurity, then you should do something to secure your Wi-Fi connection.

An unsecured Wi-Fi is one that is not encrypted in any way. This means that anyone can access it and any device that is connected to it. And the first sign that it is not secured is when it does not even require a password.

What will happen if you do have managed IT solutions but continue to leave your Wi-Fi unprotected? There are several risks that an unsecured Wi-Fi poses to a business like yours with sensitive and confidential data. Knowing these risks are will help you realize the importance of combining IT business solutions with a secured connection.

Interception of Login Details

Among the biggest risks that an unsecured Wi-Fi poses is the potential interception of your login information. Even if you have anti-virus and anti-malware protection as part of your computer IT services in Plymouth, hackers might still be able to get your login details and password by intercepting the information. As a result, they can use your account to commit fraud or any online crime. This is why you have to avoid using an unsecured Wi-Fi if you’re accessing your email, online banking account, and other services that hackers may use to commit identity theft.

Computer IT Services Plymouth

Stealing Bandwidth

If you continue using a vulnerable Wi-Fi, you also have to deal with thieves stealing your bandwidth. Every time someone uses your Wi-Fi connection, every video they stream or any other task they perform will use up a portion of your bandwidth. It does not matter how great your managed IT solutions are in boosting your productivity. If your Wi-Fi connection suddenly slows down, everyone’s work will suffer. Your connection may experience lag, inconveniencing your employees and cutting down your ability to communicate with customers, suppliers, or anyone online.

Interception of Confidential Data

Every piece of data sent or received over an unsecured Wi-Fi connection may get intercepted. Even if you have paid for IT business solutions but continue to use this vulnerable connection stubbornly, you will put the confidentiality of your data at risk. Hackers can intercept emails, instant messages, and any other transmission you make using your Wi-Fi.

You would not want the public to know deals that you would have preferred to keep under wraps or financial information that your customers trusted you to keep private. This is why the first thing that providers of computer IT services in Plymouth will likely offer you network assessment.

Illegal Wi-Fi Usage

Unauthorized users may use your unsecured Wi-Fi for illegal activities, such as spreading viruses and malware, downloading and transferring forbidden files, or procuring child pornography and other illicit files online. These are serious crimes that could be traced back to your Wi-Fi connection. Would you risk becoming the subject of an investigation simply because you did not pay attention to your Wi-Fi? This carelessness will cost so much more than your managed IT solutions because illegal online activities could incur you hefty penalties or even imprisonment. What’s more unfortunate is that no one among the legitimate Wi-Fi users even committed them, but you will still be suffering the consequences.

Data Theft

Hackers piggybacking on your unsecured Wi-Fi connection can steal any data stored on your computers, just because they are connected to your Wi-Fi. They can access your computer network, especially if you don’t have proper IT business solutions safeguarding your resources. They can easily plant malicious files on your computers without you noticing it. Remember that a single data breach could cost you millions if you are not careful. Paying for your computer IT services in Plymouth will only be a fraction of this cost and with these, they can help you protect your Wi-Fi and minimize the risk to your cybersecurity.

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