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5 Computer IT Services Bloomington to Fight Cyber Attacks This 2022

Just like how information technology has evolved over the years, cyberattacks have also done the same. Cybercriminals have become more creative and more determined to wreak havoc to get what they want. This 2020, you can expect both old and new cyberattacks to target organizations and individual users, so it’s best to be prepared for what risks might be in store for you. It helps to know that reliable computer IT services in Bloomington have your back in terms of network security.

To help you prepare better for the top security threats that are expected to haunt people and organizations this year, get to know how IT outsourcing services can fight against cyberattacks:

1. Mobile Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that bars users from accessing their files, devices, and networks until the victims pay a ransom. As more people use their mobile devices to navigate the Internet, click on links, or download files, the risk of getting targeted by ransomware hackers increases.

Computer IT Services Bloomington

What you can do, though, is to secure your company devices with multifactor authentication and strong, hard-to-guess passwords. Educate your staff to spot ransomware and stop them from connecting their devices to your company's Wi-Fi. You can ask your provider to include this in the computer IT services in Bloomington that you want to get from them.

If you are not confident about your ability to secure all your company-issued mobile devices, try managed IT services. You could ask the IT provider for network security management, anti-malware protection, anti-virus programs, firewall protection, email security, and more.

2. Social Media Hacking

Posting your details on your social media pages makes you vulnerable to hacking and identity theft. They might put all those details together and use your personal information for their gain.

Fortunately, you can set privacy measures and block suspicious social media profiles. Conduct training on the proper use of social media among your employees. Emphasize the impact of their online behavior on your company. Again, encourage them to use strong passwords. Back up data regularly, something that you managed IT services provider should do for you, too.

3. Smishing

Another rising phishing attack is called smishing, which involves the use of malicious SMS to trick victims into giving away their credit card or bank details. Verizon’s 2002 Mobile Security Index report showed that 54 percent of companies are not that confident about their mobile devices’ security and that 15 percent of company users were victimized by smishing in the third quarter of 2019.

You can use computer IT services in Bloomington that include anti-malware and anti-virus protection to fend off smishing attempts. However, these security features should be complemented with proper employee training in identifying malicious text messages. Hackers tend to impersonate people or organizations in power to convince employees to click on a malicious link. Get help from your managed IT services provider in teaching employees to spot red flags, such as poor grammar and spelling errors, among others. Educate them on how banks and companies do not require people to divulge sensitive and confidential information through text.

4. Deepfakes

Deepfakes refer to fabricated audio and video files developed by artificial intelligence (AI). These are often created out of spliced video and audio to make the subject appear as though they are saying or doing something that seems to be real but is fake. These started as a tool to mock public figures, but cybercriminals have now used deep fakes to fool people and ruin businesses.

What you can do is strengthen your security by investing in IT outsourcing services that include comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. These may consist of anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, firewall protection, and network security services to protect your data and systems. Again, education on cybersecurity hygiene should be a part of the computer IT services in Bloomington.

5. IoT Threats

Once hackers take control of the Internet of Things, they can overload networks, wreak havoc, or lock out anyone in exchange for financial gain. With the ubiquity of IoT in various organizations, such as laptops, mobile devices, webcams, routers, smartwatches, household appliances, medical devices, and automobiles, this is an attack that your managed IT services need to prevent.

If you partner up with a reliable provider of managed IT services, you should not have to worry about your cybersecurity issues. They can help you secure your IoT devices while observing regulatory compliance.

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Cybercriminals are not likely to run out of ways to victimize their targets, but managed IT services providers like Network Medics will always be here to help you. We offer IT outsourcing services, including ones that provide network security to fight cyberattacks. Let us be proactive against these attacks. Call us today at 612.315.1900 before it’s too late!

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