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Why Use Office 365 for Remote Work As Part of Computer IT Services in Blaine

Given how heavy traffic can be in some parts of the country, more workers now prefer to work remotely. Some employers also choose to hire remote workers to hire talent that they would not have found locally. If you are part of the latter, you might want to advocate for the use of Microsoft Office 365, now one of the computer IT services in Blaine offered by IT providers.

If you are curious about how Office 365 could work to the advantage of your remote work setup, here are its top seven benefits:

1. 24/7 Accessibility

Documents are available round-the-clock, so you can access them with ease whenever you need them. With Office 365, all the team members will have access to files, programs, and other pieces of data on OneDrive. This online storage platform can be accessed using any device, as long as there is an Internet connection.

If you want better collaboration, it helps that if you get Office 365 from a reliable IT service provider, you can enjoy SharePoint. This online collaborative platform enables its users to look up information; share and use knowledge, content, and application; and collaborate easily.

2. Security

Remote work has its risks, but you can count on IT support services provided along with Office 365 to secure the network for you. Office 365 also has built-in security features, which make it an ideal addition to your host of computer IT services in Blaine. One of these features is the Windows Defender, which protects devices against spyware, adware, and viruses. Another is Advanced Threat Protection, which secures emails, files, and other Office 365 content against malicious attacks. Other features include Secure Score, which consistently rates your company's security, and mobile device management, which minimizes the risk when employees use mobile devices.

Computer IT Services Blaine

3. Cloud-based Ready

Office 365 has features that are saved on the cloud, which makes it easier to manage all your files from various devices. This is thanks to data being quickly synced from all devices once someone makes an update. You will enjoy all the benefits the cloud has to offer if you take Office 365 as one of your computer IT services in Blaine.

4. Wide Array of Communication Tools

Those who use Office 365 will not only get IT support services but also access to various communication tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Skype for Business. You can hold virtual meetings without hassle.

5. Easy Management

You will be running your team from Office 365, but it does not have to come out messy. Instead, you can organize everything and manage everyone with great ease. This Microsoft subscription service can give you control over its passwords, licenses, user roles, user creation or deletion, security groups, distribution lists, multi-factor authentication, and shared mailboxes. You don't need a highly technical background to use Office 365 as one of your computer IT services in Blaine. As long as you have a supportive IT service provider, you can make the most out of this particular cloud platform.

6. Cost-effective

If you are looking at other applications and computer IT services in Blaine, you can check their cumulative cost and compare them to that of Office 365. You'll see then that given the multiple users who can access this Microsoft service and its features, you can get more value for every dollar spent on it. You can expect features, such as enterprise-level email through Outlook, automation, and process through Flow, meetings through Skype for Business, and a document management system with SharePoint Online. Other features include productivity tools through Office Suite Online, internal communication features using Microsoft Teams, and a reporting tool using Power BI.

7. Improving Work Habits

Have you ever ended your workday wondering what you accomplished for the day? You'll get your answer from Office 365's MyAnalytics. This tool allows you to see how many hours you've spent on meetings, emails, calls and chats, documents, and focus hours. You will also see suggestions on how you can go about your tasks to improve productivity, aside from getting help from your IT support services.

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If you need help incorporating Office 365 into your existing array of computer IT services in Blaine, contact our IT specialists here at Network Medics. We provide managed IT support services in various cities in Minnesota. We will show you just how beneficial Office 365 has been to our clients and how it has helped them improve their productivity and bottom line. You don't have to struggle with multiple collaboration tools to boost your remote work setup when you can enjoy them and more with Office 365. Call us today at 612.315.1900 for a quick assessment!

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