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7 Cybersecurity Myths to Ignore and Computer IT Services in Minnetonka to Try

Given the widespread reports about data breaches, proactive security measures must be taken seriously. You might know the basics, from using hard-to-guess passwords and locking computers when not in use to keeping passwords confidential and not clicking on links in suspicious emails. But do you think all your current notions about cybersecurity are correct? Aside from how these misconceptions might affect your decisions that involve what computer IT services in Minnetonka to get, these might significantly impact your overall security, too.

Here are the top 7 myths about cybersecurity and the truth behind each one:

Computer IT Services Minnetonka
  1. Your small business is too negligible as a target for cybercriminals.

    This is not true at all. More small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) have become easy targets of cyberattacks, especially those with negligent cybersecurity parameters. While prominent and bigger businesses have made news after a data breach, SMEs should not be complacent with their security, even if they hired an IT outsourcing provider. Around 58 percent of SMEs have suffered from a data breach and not all IT outsourcing services are created equal.

  2. You’re secure if you have anti-virus and anti-malware.

    Cybercriminals can get quite creative when it comes to launching attacks and they can find a way around outdated anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Even if your computer IT services in Minnetonka include this kind of protection, you have to supplement it with other security measures. Ask your IT outsourcing provider for 24/7 monitoring of network equipment, servers, and computers, content filtering, spam filtering, secure connection to servers, and backup and disaster recovery. It would be best if you have reactive and proactive onsite support, too.

  3. Only IT needs to handle cybersecurity concerns.

    This is a common belief among organizations and employees, but everyone needs to be responsible for protecting themselves against cyberattacks. Some of the most damaging data breaches were caused by a single employee’s mistake.

    Each employee must understand that an individual user’s vulnerability may simply be what it takes for a hacker to get through to the company’s system. Complement the IT outsourcing services you’re getting with cyber hygiene training.

  4. It is enough that you have strong passwords.

    It helps a lot if you don’t take the importance of passwords for granted. Even your IT outsourcing provider might tell you the same thing, too. Unfortunately, hackers can still breach systems if you only use a single layer of defense. Make it harder for them to hack into your network by using multifactor authentication. It also helps if you get computer IT services in Minnetonka that include logging and monitoring all your employees’ online and offline activities in the company. This should help in the quick detection of suspicious actions.

  5. Cybersecurity is solely for fighting cybercriminals.

    This puts too much of a limit on what cybersecurity can do. Aside from protecting your network from malware and viruses, it also boosts productivity, cuts down on operational costs, improves client relationships, and promotes customer satisfaction. Investing in IT outsourcing services also helps protect your reputation, something that would suffer if a data breach happens.

  6. Threats to your cybersecurity come entirely from outsiders.

    If you think about cybercriminals, you might automatically think about hackers doing their best to get into your network. However, research shows that insider threats are more common than you think. Verizon’s Insider Threat Report 2019 said that 57 percent of database breaches are caused by insiders and 20 percent are due to misused privileges. The same report showed that 61 percent of these insider threats do not occupy a high-level position and that 4 percent of the incidents due to enemies from within were discovered through fraud detection.

  7. Cybersecurity is too costly.

    Investing in cybersecurity by paying for computer IT services in Minnetonka isn’t exactly cheap, but the cost of a data breach is even heftier. According to IBM’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average total cost of a breach is around $3.92 million, with the US being the most expensive country for which this could happen at $8.19 million. Are you willing to shell out millions of dollars for a data breach that you could have prevented or at least minimized the risk of happening? If not, then get a reliable IT outsourcing provider to work with.

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