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Protecting Your Cloud Data Backup in Minnetonka and More from Ransomware

Ransomware hit over 70 local and statement governments in 2019, as well as businesses, hospitals, and universities. The Wannacry attack caused an outbreak throughout European networks and locked up airports, hospitals, and universities. If you want to protect yourself against this malicious software, the best thing that you can do is to prepare a cloud data backup in Minnetonka and other copies. Even then, you still need to protect these backups because no data backup services are 100 percent immune to ransomware.

There is no complete guarantee that your backups will be protected from ransomware, so it is best to take the proactive way out. Here are some of the best ways to minimize the risk of getting infected by malware:

1. Use additional backups and third-party utilities.

Cybercriminals have found a way not only to target your original files but their backups, too. There is ransomware that deletes the copies that the Windows OS creates. Even if your computer has a system restore option, you still cannot get your data back after the attack.

Cloud Data Backup Minnetonka

Two examples would be the ransomware SamSam and Ryuk. The SamSam malware attacked more than 200 victims, hospitals included, after regular operating hours and encrypted the computers of their targets. Ryuk, on the other hand, targeted a cloud based backup provider and the Los Angeles Times. It zeroed in on backup files and shadow volumes.

Given the existence of ransomware that targets local backups, it would be best to make additional copies and use third-party tools aside from those provided by Windows. Start looking for a reliable provider of cloud data backup in Minnetonka now before it is too late. Even if you get attacked, you can still restore your data with the help of a data backup services provider.

2. Disconnect the backups from the network and authentication system.

Secure your backups from the possible points of infection in your network. Disconnect them from any part of your system. This should help establish a barrier between your cloud based backup and the ransomware. Just remember not to use the same authentication system when logging in to your cloud data backup in Minnetonka. If the cybercriminals got their hands on your accounts, it would be easier for them to track what data backup services and login details to use. This is why you need to develop a different authentication method with different secure passwords to keep your backups out of the hacker’s reach.

3. Prepare multiple backups at various locations.

To ensure that you at least have enough backup if one fails, experts recommend preparing three different backups of your most important files. Use at least two different methods of copying files. Of the three, at least two of them should be stored in different locations. You can count on cloud data backup in Minnetonka for your offsite backup method.

4. Know the difference between cloud storage and cloud based backup.

Did you think you wouldn’t need a cloud based backup because you already subscribed to a cloud storage service? These two are actually different things. Cloud storage services simply store your files, but they do not have file versioning, which makes them at risk of getting attacked by ransomware. These services usually do not allow users to keep their file system structure, which means recovery could be a mess unless you organized your data before the attack.

On the other hand, cloud data backup services are designed for business continuity. Cloud hosting providers often have file versioning, scheduling options, status reports, file system structure retention, and more secure encryption methods during data transfer.

5. Use anti-malware apps for your backup server.

Protect your backups with an anti-malware protection program. This is a must, considering how cybercriminals are even eyeing backups.

6. Test your backups.

If you get your cloud based backup services from a trustworthy provider, they would know better than to make you doubt the quality of your backups. They would likely include a data restoration exercise to show you that your cloud data backup in Minnetonka can be restored whenever and wherever you need them.

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