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How You Can Help Business IT Services in Plymouth Improve Cybersecurity

Handing over your entire IT system to the provider of your outsourced business IT services in Plymouth does not mean that your role in cybersecurity ends there. While you might not have the IT expertise to help out, there are still a few things that you should do to boost your cybersecurity and keep hackers away. You and the rest of your employees are the end-users, who will play a significant role in implementing the security practices and services provided by local IT support companies.

Here are a few things that your company can do to strengthen the business IT support you will get from your IT service provider:

1. Tell All Employees That They are Responsible for Ensuring Network Security

This should be a shared responsibility company-wide. It is not a burden that you can dump 100 percent onto the provider of your business IT services in Plymouth. Doing that is irresponsible and expensive because, ultimately, each employee can become an easy target of malware, phishing emails, and other social engineering tactics that will render your IT system vulnerable. But your business IT support provider can conduct cyber hygiene training.

You can also adopt a buddy system that will require partners to watch each other’s backs and keep each one accountable. The pair should have a better understanding of the impact of cybersecurity on their duties and responsibilities at work and how they can both improve it. Local IT support companies can continuously monitor your servers and workstations and manage your network security. But knowing that your employees are keeping an eye on each other’s online activities will be a huge boost to your cybersecurity.

Business IT Services Plymouth

2. Establish Security Policies

Regardless of the size of your business, you should have an established IT security plan. Hackers are even eyeing more small businesses nowadays, so you shouldn’t be complacent and forego the need to hire business IT services in Plymouth just because you’re a small company. While corporations have sizable assets that they can go after, hackers won’t let an opportunity go if they find small businesses like yours with lax IT security. You should clarify to everyone in the company your security policies, the responsibilities each one plays, and the recovery plan that should be in place in case of a disaster or similar incident that causes system downtime. It will help if you develop that plan, in written form, with an experienced business IT support provider.

3. Be Proactive

Regular training is a part of the proactive IT security measures that you can discuss with local IT support companies that you will interview for the job. Employees should be trained to spot phishing emails, online scams, potentially malicious links, and other tactics that could compromise your network security.

Ask IT providers, if their business IT services in Plymouth include continuous monitoring of network equipment and servers, securing your servers, Wi-Fi and network, and more. These are some of the things that will give you the assurance that your business IT support is doing everything they can to thwart the efforts of cybercriminals.

4. Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Your employees might get overwhelmed after you tell them about their role in preventing a cybersecurity breach. It might cause them to function with fear, which might cause them to lose focus or make them inefficient in their daily work. However, you can inject a bit of fun while your employees help out, in their way, the business IT services in Plymouth in improving cybersecurity. You could establish a reward system for compliant employees so they will be more motivated to report practices that could compromise cybersecurity. The reward could be a gift card or a special mention in the company newsletter after reporting the highest number of phishing emails or suspicious links to your business IT support provider.

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You don’t have to battle cyber criminals on your own when our business IT services in Plymouth are here for you. We offer onsite support, plan your disaster recovery, keep track of your network equipment, workstations, and servers, and oversee the security of your network, servers, and Wi-Fi, among others. If you want to see just how much our IT specialists can help you, we can conduct a quick assessment over the phone. Let us talk about what kind of business IT support you’re going to need. Give us a call at 612.315.7160 today!

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