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Business IT Services in Bloomington: Benefits of Warranty Tracking

Are you confident that you have maximized the coverage of the warranty of your hardware and software? If you are not, it's high time for you to start taking warranty tracking seriously and avoid reducing your maintenance costs. Even if it already seems overwhelming to establish a warranty management system, you can hire a provider offering business IT services in Bloomington that include warranty tracking.

Dangers of Using Out-of-Warranty Computer Hardware

Every piece of hardware comes with a lifecycle, which sets how long that device can function efficiently and when it should be replaced. However, it is a common mistake for businesses to ignore this lifecycle. Local IT support companies offering warranty tracking can help you avoid the following risks of using computer hardware that is out of warranty and aged beyond its lifecycle:

Business IT Services Bloomington
  • Serious cybersecurity risks. Computer hardware vendors consistently release a patch for their equipment to ensure its compliance with the latest cybersecurity regulations and prevent threats. But when the hardware reaches its end of life (EOL), vendors no longer receive important patches, exposing it to the risks posed by new malware or viruses developed after the hardware's EOL. Even if the managed IT support company provides antivirus and anti-malware protection, it would have been better to have the latest patch available for the hardware.
  • Higher hardware maintenance expenses. It can be pretty tough and expensive to locate replacement parts for equipment that is in its EOL phase. You might only be left with second hand parts that might not even last or work as they are intended to. This only increases your maintenance cost and causes further instability to your system and your employees' productivity despite how hard the business IT services in Bloomington are at work.
  • Reduced productivity. The older your hardware gets, the more likely it is that it will encounter incompatibilities that reduce the users' productivity. Incompatibilities may rise between hardware devices or between hardware and software programs. Even local IT support companies that ignore EOL will encounter the same problem.

Benefits of Warranties

Why should your business IT services in Bloomington include warranty tracking? Ignoring warranties is equal to ignoring the following benefits:

  • Lower IT maintenance support costs
  • Reduced instances of unexpected hardware repair costs
  • Peace of mind
  • Lower asset downtime
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Instead of you doing everything to track warranties and licenses for both hardware and software that you have procured, let the managed IT support company do it for you. This task can be pretty time consuming, so it is better left to experts to deal with.

How Warranty Tracking Helps

With an organized warranty tracking as part of the business IT services in Bloomington that you're paying for, you can enjoy the following:

Improved organization. You could waste time and resources trying to locate rarely used yet expensive IT assets. But you can let your managed IT support company retrieve the necessary warranty-related information for you. This should help prevent the momentary panic that you've completely lost a costly asset.

Easy access to warranty data. With better warranty tracking from one of the best local IT support companies, you can conveniently locate the details of the warranty programs of your IT assets. This means that you will be able to take full advantage of an asset's warranty instead of missing out on it because you don't have the full warranty details. When you have dozens to hundreds of computers and their peripherals and software applications to manage, crucial details involving their warranty could be easily lost. This won't be much of an issue, though, if you hire professional business IT services in Bloomington.

Efficiency. If your managed IT support company compiles and organizes all the warranty details for you, you will have a better overview of your existing IT assets. You will also have a more efficient process in place in retrieving all the information that you need regarding a particular asset's warranty.

How Network Medics Can Help for Business IT Services Bloomington?

Here at Network Medics, we offer comprehensive business IT services in Bloomington. Among our services as a managed IT support company is licensing, hardware, and software procurement, complete with warranty tracking. We will deal with everything that has to do with your IT assets' warranties, documenting the assets' warranty date, licenses, device registrations, and serial numbers.

Our other managed IT services also include backup and disaster recovery, 24/7 network equipment, servers, and workstations monitoring, virus and malware protection, and more. For a quick assessment, call us at 612.315.7160 today!

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