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Cyber Security vs. Your Office Culture

Cyber security is effected by your office culture By now, most people have heard of the cyber security incident at Equifax. Unfortunately, Equifax is not alone in its tech team laziness. When you look deeper into what happened – a lot of it shows just …

Better Business Bureau Accepts A+ Rated Network Medics

Better Business Bureau Accepts Network Medics as an A+ rated Managed IT Services Provider As most people know, the BBB, or Better Business Bureau is the “Who you can trust” online directory of 6,700+ accredited businesses. With so many Managed IT Services providers in Minnesota, …

Windows 10 Free? We bet it is on the way.

Windows 10 Free is probably not far off For years now starting with the launch of the original iPhone, Operating Systems, or an “OS”, have been slowing moving to the free model and I believe Windows 10 free will be a reality soon . Microsoft …

Managed IT Services and 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Managed IT Services aren’t sexy, but your business relies on it. I don’t often write straightforward plugs for our services in our technology blog, but I think it is time to revisit why Network Medics is a managed it services provider now instead of a …

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