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There is a better option than dropping another server into your office.

VitalVM delivers cutting edge virtual private servers, security, storage, and connectivity without the need for substantial upfront equipment costs. Most importantly, we maintain the equipment, upgrades and security. There is no need to agonize about upgrades and repairs. VitalVM offers secure anytime, anywhere access to your individual servers to your cloud resource sandbox – all secure within our onsite Tier 3 compliant datacenter.


All Network Medics VitalVM VPS Hosting Plans Come With:

99.999% Uptime
Our SLA promises hardware, network, and infrastructure uptime of 99.999% in a Tier 3 Minnesota-based datacenter.


Quality & Performance
VitalVM VPS servers run on highly redundant infrastructure with lightning-fast response times and no hidden bandwidth charges.


Certified Support
Get to the right engineer. No frustrating adventure with multiple help desks to get what you want.


Which Virtual Private Server (VPS) solution is right for you?

VPS – Virtual Datacenter Managed VPS
Knowledge You know vsphere buddy. Included-Option-CheckmarkWe’ll handle some or all of it.
Mgmt. vSphere, RDP, LogMeIn, SSH Included-Option-Checkmark Included
Support 24/7/365 by email or phone Included-Option-Checkmark 24/7/365 by email or phone
Root Access?
Yes via vSphere, SSH Included-Option-Checkmark We gotcha.
Bandwidth Pre-BGP Included-Option-Checkmark Pre-BGP
Licensing Included Included-Option-Checkmark Included
Backup Available Included-Option-Checkmark Included
Software Available Included-Option-Checkmark Included
Security Available Included-Option-Checkmark Included
Updates Available Included-Option-Checkmark Included
Consultation Available Included-Option-Checkmark Included
Setup Available Included-Option-Checkmark Included


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