Our Office Culture

We have a passion for creating a fun, challenging and supportive environment for our talented staff. We are an employee-focused company. Continuing education and certifications are the primary driver to continually increase the level of our service and support.

Over the years our methodology has proven that if our employees are well taken care of – from 401K to education – our clients ultimately see amazing results which adds to our goal of truly being a unique technology consulting firm. If you have a passion for learning, keeping up on your technology nunchakus skills, working hard, playing hard and have an obsession for technology – you have landed on the correct career page.

Take a look around at the website, social media and hopefully you will see that Network Medics’ employees are the most talented, certified, personable, loyal, and ethical people around.

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NetworkMedics Office

A few things to know:

  • You WILL have a nickname here. It is how we roll.
  • Education is big here, it is like going back to school.
  • We’ve been known to throw parties over personal triumphs.
  • The majority of our staff are musicians either by training or by hobby.
  • People go out to lunch together a lot. We actually like each other.
  • There are 2 outside decks that are used during the 12 weeks of nice weather.
  • We have an annual Twins home opener party every year.
  • We ALWAYS have at least 2 Xbox Parties together each year.
  • 2nd Floor Exercise and shower room.
  • We have underground parking…so nice in the winter.
  • Lots of parks nearby for walks and bike rides when you need a break.
  • There is always food and drinks in the fridge.
  • There is a “beer full of fridge.”

Check out our available career opportunities!