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Who Provides Managed IT Service Near Me?

Although managed IT services can be handled remotely, there are many advantages to using a managed IT service provider near you. IT monitoring and management isn't the only benefit your business should be getting from your managed IT service, which is why you need to find managed IT services near you. If something goes wrong and you lose connectivity, or worse, you need someone close by to assist.

Most IT service companies offer a selection of IT services, which can be tailored to your needs. You don't necessarily need all the services they offer, so having access to a team of support technicians that can provide you with the exact services you need will fit in with your budget and required support.

In 2019, the managed services market was valued at $186 billion and this number is expected to grow every year. Global spending on IT services is expected to exceed $1.1 trillion, a record high. This proves that the demand is growing, and that small businesses are increasingly turning to managed IT services.

The global cloud computing market also grew significantly, expecting to reach more than $350 billion by 2022. This refers to business processes, platforms, infrastructure, securify, software and advertising services. It's a rapidly growing market and one that many businesses are supporting due to the benefits it provides. As a business owner, cloud computing will connect you with your customers, provide a secure storage facility for your sensitive data, and reduce our IT operating costs.

Managed IT Services Near Me

What Does an IT Managed Services Provider Do?

Your managed services provider (MSP) will provide services such as network monitoring and support, keeping an eye on your hardware such as devices, servers and monitors, and run regular checks to confirm that your security programs and firewalls are performing as they should. But this is only a small part of what your MSP should do - they can also provide service advice and offer training for your staff.

It's for this reason why many business owners wonder where to find managed IT services nearby, as they'll need to find an MSP close by to provide additional support that a remote team can't.

Let's look at a few reasons why you need to find managed IT services near you:

  • Responsiveness: Having reliable day-to-day support for your IT needs is crucial when running and growing a small business. The whole reason why you want to outsource is to have a team ready and available whenever you need them. An IT help desk can fix issues remotely, without having to make a trip to your location.
  • Security: Network management and email security are becoming more important every day, which is why you need a reliable team that can monitor and protect our network at all times. With proper email security, you'll have additional protection against virus attacks and spam, making it even more important to have a team that can protect you against malware.
  • Monitoring: Detailed reporting and monitoring abilities is another great benefit of working with a reliable IT support team. Detailed reports will show where your resources are used, and how much demand there is for each piece of technology. The more you know about your network, the more you can increase efficient use for them.

Managed IT Services Near Me Around Minneapolis Areas

At Network Medics we provide you with a wide range of IT services in Minneapolis. This includes everything from malware risk assessment, to data loss prevention. We provide a technical plan to meet your company's specific IT needs, while offering reliable and highly qualified IT technicians to your small business. If you're wondering where to find managed IT services near you, contact Network Medics.

When you choose us as you managed IT services provider, your work with a highly experienced team that can provide you with remote support as well as an on-site technician. We have a very fast response time and can continually monitor your network to guarantee that you will be up and running at all times.

Here are some of the benefits included in our managed IT solutions:

  • Proactive on-site support
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your equipment and networks
  • Cloud hosting the local server
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Antivirus and spam protection
  • Project planning and management

We provide customized IT support packages that are focused on your unique needs, to help you maintain maximum uptime for your business. We believe that every company should consider themselves a technology company, which is why we place a lot of importance of uptime for business critical systems such as emails.

We understand that you may have the skills to manage your IT, but you may lack the resources, time, or funds. That's why outsourcing to Network Medics can be a huge benefit for small businesses. You need a trusted partner in IT that can work with you, providing you with the quality and reliability you need in a remote IT team. We allow you to concentrate on your business while we take care of your IT.

We offer comprehensive support, with the help desk and technical teams that are always available, monitoring and supporting your business. We also assist in the management of your hardware, software, and licensing information. We allow you to control your data, customize cloud solutions.

Looking for managed IT services near me? Contact Network Medics today at 612-315-1900 and see why we are a leading MSP in Minneapolis.

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