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Debunking 6 Myths About Managed IT Services in Minnetonka

You’ve heard about how some of your peers are hiring managed IT services in Minnetonka for their local businesses, but you’re wondering whether you really need it. These services might not be required for every single business out there, but there are also important reasons why those that do hire them to pay for them. If you want to understand the value of such services, you have to do away with all the misconceptions surrounding them, starting with these 6 common myths.

Managed IT services in Minnetonka

You Don’t Need It If You Have an IT Department

You might think that having an IT department is enough, but outsourcing IT services does not mean kicking out your in-house team. Managed IT Minneapolis service providers can work with the team to do menial tasks while they attend to the more pressing jobs that will contribute to your business’ growth and realize your strategic plans.

It’s Too Costly to Hire Managed IT Services in Minnetonka

It’s the opposite if you get managed services from reliable cyber security companies in Minnesota or wherever you are based. Instead of investing in expensive software, hardware, and systems, you can rent the hardware and use the service providers’ web-based services, applications, security systems, and storage. Studies have also shown how businesses enjoy around 50% in operational savings after getting managed IT services in Minnetonka.

SMEs Don’t Need It

Managed services suit not only big corporations. Even small to mid-sized businesses can outsource IT services to maximize their resources, operate with increased cyber security, and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. If you hire the right provider of managed IT services in Minnetonka, you can rest assured that your network is protected. Did you know that 43 percent of cyberattacks target small businesses? These attacks also cost all types of businesses an average of $200,000. Is this something that you can afford to shell out, or would you prefer to be proactive and hire managed IT Minneapolis services?

Letting in Managed IT Services in Minnetonka Compromises Security

You might think giving control to one of the cyber security companies in Minnesota as it provides managed IT services will put you at a higher security risk. However, it’s the other way around. If you have 24/7 monitoring, proactive onsite support, backup and disaster recovery, anti-virus protection, and more, you’ll be as secure as you can be. A reliable provider of managed IT services in Minnetonka will provide you with IT services that your in-house team might have overlooked while occupied with catering to your business needs.

Bringing In Managed IT Service Providers Causes Confusion

Introducing something new to your company and staff might cause chaos and confusion, slowing your productivity rate down. But this is not the case with hiring managed IT services in Minnetonka. That’s because most of these services are reserved for the business’ highly technical aspects, something that does not involve your employees’ daily activities. A 2017 study showed that most clients hire managed service providers for these top three reasons - antivirus protection, backup and disaster recovery, and storage management.

It Brings Down Operational Performance

Many of those who are hesitant about hiring managed IT services in Minnetonka are worried about how a third party might deal with running the critical aspects of your operational IT systems. However, a great service provider can link you to specialists who stay on top of the latest trends that your in-house team might not know much about as they focus on your business’ entire system.

Getting expert help from providers of managed IT services in Minnetonka will help you optimize your internal IT infrastructure. This is an excellent way of freeing up your staff from the time-consuming routine work that would have taken them away from projects that matter when it comes to pushing for business growth.

You can expect the same level of help and benefits if you hire a reputable company offering managed IT services in Minnetonka like Network Medics. Some of their top services include 24/7 monitoring of network equipment, servers, and workstations; protection against malware, virus, and spam; backup and disaster recovery; cloud hosting and local servers; and onsite support, both proactive and reactive. These are must-haves if you want to prevent prolonged downtime in case of a system issue, cyberattack, or natural disaster. You should look for these if you are considering managed IT Minneapolis services, too.

Network Medics have more than basic managed IT services in Minnetonka. They also offer project planning and management, hosted email solutions or Office 365, application hosting, and management of Wi-Fi, computers, network security, and servers. They provide clients with secure remote connections to servers and systems and client concierge services with technology planning and vendor advocacy. If you can barely keep up with licensing, hardware, and software procurement along with monitoring warranties, Network Medics can also do this for you.

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