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9 Best Practices Among Managed IT Services in Edina

When looking at IT managed services, you might find yourself looking at providers generally offering the same services. This might make the comparison and selection process more challenging, but there is another way to find the best provider for you. If you want your Edina-based business to grow while making the most out of your IT resources, consider the best practices among the providers of managed IT services in Edina.

Instead of relying solely on your in-house IT team to attend to all your IT needs, you can count on managed services IT support from expert providers. For instance, they can monitor your servers, maintain network security, migrate to cloud hosting, and provide a secure connection to servers, among others. While providing these services and more, it is essential to look at whether they follow the best practices subscribed to by the rest of the IT industry.

1.Expertise in Providing Managed IT Services in Edina

You look at all managed service providers with the assumption that they know what they are doing. However, you need one that can showcase their expertise to make the most out of your IT resources. You at least need an IT managed services provider that follows industry standards and shows proficiency in providing IT solutions.

Managed IT Services in Edina

2.Confidentiality and Security

Working with the companies offering managed IT services in Edina means giving them access to confidential and sensitive company information. Managed service providers are responsible for maintaining confidentiality. This could mean implementing certain security precautions for the safety and security of important data.


Providers of managed IT services in Edina are exposed to corporate data, sensitive client data, assets, and knowledge. This is why they mustn't take their level of access to such critical data for granted. You should deal with IT managed services companies with strong ethics to resist the temptation of using important information that they are now privy to for their gain.

4.Tools and Processes

To successfully deliver the IT solutions they promised to clients, they need to use processes such as ISO, ITIL, Six Sigma, CoBIT, and more. Others even develop and use their tools and processes to deliver results and position themselves as unique providers in the managed services IT support line of business. Make sure to ask providers about these tools before deciding whether to go for their services or not.

5.Automation of Managed IT Services

You can expect a reliable IT managed services provider to use automated technology, such as when monitoring servers, network equipment, and workstations, or managing network security, alerting them only when there is an anomaly detected. Automation ensures operational efficiency while minimizing the need for human operators and human errors.


The ultimate goal of any firm offering managed IT services in Edina is to put your interest as their client above other parties. They should only give you solutions that cater to your best interest to ensure the realization of your IT and overall company goals. This is why you should ask managed services IT support providers whether there is a potential conflict of interest if they take your business. Serving you should not conflict with them serving their existing clients.

7.Knowledge of Laws and Regulations

You can only count on your IT managed services firm to know the ins and outs of laws and regulations related to protecting your data, information assets, and network from loss. They should know what the law says regarding security breach notification, for instance.

8.Transparency Over Disclosure

Providers of managed IT services in Edina must be honest enough to come forward and disclose that they cannot represent you given their current commitment and the interest of an existing client. Transparency also plays a significant role when it comes to reporting the current status of your IT infrastructure once you do business with a managed services IT support company.


Following the best practices cited here is a good way for any IT managed services provider to protect themselves and their clients.

If you’re looking for managed IT services in Edina, look no further than Network Medics. You can trust that they observe these best practices while providing services such as 24/7 network equipment, server, and workstation monitoring; securing a remote link to servers and systems; managing network, server, and Wi-Fi security; and cloud hosting. The IT managed services firm also offers onsite support, application hosting, backup and disaster recovery, and protection against malware, viruses, and spam. If you’re thinking of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 or looking at potential IT vendors for new technology, Network Medics can also help.

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