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15 Things to Look for in Managed IT Services in Eden Prairie

As your business grows, you might find it more practical to outsource your IT needs. If you are based in Minneapolis, then you should start looking for a dependable company offering managed IT services in Eden Prairie, for instance. You should evaluate it against 15 important criteria.

Skills and experience in providing managed IT services in Eden Prairie

According to IBM’s whitepaper, your provider should be skilled in dealing with virtualization, databases, cross-platform integration, network technologies, and more. Check for certifications on the particular services and products that you need. You’ll know then that Minnesota managed service providers know what to do and do so for fewer billable hours.

Knowledge of the latest technology

You know that you’ve found yourself a reliable managed IT services provider if they offer the latest back-end technology for all their solutions. Ask them to what extent their services are automated to improve productivity and lessen human intervention. This means more reliability with the help of human experts overseeing the delivery of managed IT services in Eden Prairie.

Following consistent processes

Ask the provider whether they follow the same processes and policies when catering to various clients. Don’t forget to discuss how they evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and the delivery of their managed services. This promotes the sense of transparency by getting access to the service visibility and reports of Minnesota managed service providers.

Managed IT services in Eden Prairie

Establishes strong vendor relationships

Good managed IT services providers have established multiple vendor relationships, allowing them to be exposed to the choices available to you. This should also make them neutral in recommending which vendor best caters to your needs. Ask them how they are going to guide you to the right technologies, without bias, depending on what your business requires.

Caters to multinational business operations

If your provider of managed IT services in Eden Prairie is capable of globally offering their deliveries, it would be easier for you to expand your operations to other countries in the future. The provider might even have local language support and capability to comply with another country’s legal and regulatory requirements so your business can run smoothly.

Honors service level agreements

Assess how determined the managed IT services provider is committing to what they signed in the service level agreement (SLA). Their determination will show in terms of how willing they are to face financial penalties or other serious consequences if they fail to deliver.

Offers a wide variety of options

It helps if the managed IT services in Eden Prairie that you’ll get is scalable without the excessive cost.

Shows proof of dependability

Check the financial stability of the Minnesota managed service providers in your list. Their longevity in the industry also measures their reliability. Ask them for client references and metrics verified by trusted sources.

Round-the-clock availability

Even if you’re not open 24/7, your network is, which means that you also need round-the-clock access to managed IT services in Eden Prairie. If you encounter problems at any time of the day, or worse, experience downtime or a cyberattack, you’d want to reach IT experts the soonest time possible.

Quick response time when managed IT services in Eden Prairie are needed

Aside from their availability, good service providers have to respond to your issues quickly. Count out any provider that lets you wait in the queue in a customer service line. You can only rely on a company that provides solutions promptly.

Daily backups

It should be up to the managed service provider to schedule regular backups of your data for security and safekeeping. Ask them if they have a server that they can use for this particular service.

Disaster recovery planning

Good managed IT services in Eden Prairie should include a plan on how to get back to your regular business operations the soonest time possible after a natural disaster, power outages, or cyberattack and how to protect data during such events.

Regular testing and monitoring of security measures

Managed IT services providers know how important it is to be proactive amid cyberattack threats, which is why they will recommend to test and monitor your networks for signs of attacks and to counter those attacks right away.

Proactive support

If you are too occupied with your growing business, you might want to focus more on your core business. However, your network security and safety need attention too, which is why proactive maintenance should be a part of managed IT services in Eden Prairie. The provider should run the necessary updates to avoid major problems later.

Local onsite support

While you can benefit from remote IT support, it would still be better to get onside support from local providers of managed IT services in Eden Prairie.

Network Medics can give you the local IT support that you need as one of the reliable Minnesota managed service providers. They can give you the things cited above that a good IT support should have. They also offer 24/7 monitoring, help desk support, onsite support, disaster recovery support, and cloud hosting and local servers. For your network protection, you can expect their anti-malware, antivirus, and spam protection.

As a local business in Minneapolis, you can benefit from Network Medic’s managed IT services through their predictable costs, reduced initial investment, increased productivity, scalability, lower IT infrastructure costs, and expert service. Hire them and you’ll enjoy these benefits, too.

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