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7 Signs Your Business Needs Managed IT Services in Blaine

Paying for managed services means outsourcing day-to-day IT tasks to experts. If you hire managed IT services in Blaine, for instance, among the basic services you can get is the monitoring of servers, network equipment, and workstations. So, how else do you know if your business really needs these IT services in Minneapolis, Blaine, or wherever you are located in Minnesota?

You will know that it is the right time to get the tech support of Minnesota-managed service providers if you observe any of these signs.

No In-house IT Staff

If you’re forgoing the need to hire IT services in Minneapolis only to pass on all your technology-related tasks to a tech-savvy employee who’s not an IT professional, then you’re wasting that person’s time and skills. If that employee spends a lot of time working on your IT needs instead of focusing on the work that he was hired to do, then it’s high time you call for managed IT services in Blaine. You also cannot expect a non-IT professional to plan for your future IT needs, especially if you are growing and anticipating more demand from your network system.

What’s even better is that you can save more when you pay for managed IT services in Blaine than the salary and benefits of your employee. With the former, you will get the support of a full-time IT department without the cost of paying for one.

Managed IT Services in Blaine

Frequent Occurrence of Emergency Problems

Do you keep on calling for outside help to fix emergency problems, problems that could have been prevented with regular maintenance and monitoring? Do you always pay for onsite support every time the network system glitches, the hard drives show errors, or the servers crash, and such problems? This is a break/fix system that will only keep you bleeding financially, something that managed IT services in Blaine can put a stop to. Instead of searching for tech support from Minnesota and Blaine-based companies, your managed services will proactively monitor your network and system and spot problems even before they occur.

Swamped IT Department

You do have an IT staff, but the pro keeps getting swamped attending to your IT needs. He’s expected to make sure that you have the latest software patches, your licensing is up-to-date, and you’re running the latest security upgrades and updates, among other tasks. The tasks keep piling up to the point that some are left unattended everything something more important comes up. But with managed IT services in Blaine helping you out with some of these tasks, from server monitoring, network security management, migration to the cloud, and more, your IT staff can focus on critical projects.

No Time to Learn and Use the Latest Technologies

You want to put your business at the forefront of technology, but you don’t have time to spare to study the latest technology and how to implement it. Even if you do manage to keep up, but you don’t have the resources to handle compatibility issues between your existing system and the features of the new technology, you will still need the tech support of Minnesota managed service providers. They can learn more about your business, your IT plans in the next few years, and recommend what technology to use, how to use it, and how to maximize it for your business’ growth.

Too Much Time Spent on IT-related Issues

If you find yourself wasting time and money on handling your IT problems, distracting you from your core business, it’s time to call for managed IT services in Minneapolis or Blaine. You pursued your line of business because you are good at it, but you don’t need to be an IT expert in dealing with your technological-related problems. You don’t have to struggle with these issues when you can call in managed IT services in Blaine for support.

Lack of an Up-to-date Disaster Recovery Plan

Cyberattacks and disasters can strike at any time, so you have to be ready. Otherwise, you might end up losing your business while you take the time to recover your customer data or re-establishing your IT system. Managed IT services in Minneapolis, as much as those offered in Blaine, can prevent this from happening by helping you set up a backup and disaster recovery plan.

Frequent Downtime

Your website only went down for a few minutes, but it could mean losing hundreds to thousands of clients who would end up looking for what they need at your competitors’ websites. You can avoid downtimes and potential losses, though, if you partner with reliable providers of managed IT services in Blaine.

How Managed IT Services in Blaine Can Help?

You can count on the tech support of Minnesota managed service provider Network Medics. Instead of throwing everything at your in-house staff, you can pass on some routine yet time-consuming IT tasks to the providers of managed IT services in Blaine. Network Medics offer round-the-clock network equipment, server, and workstation monitoring, application hosting, migration to Microsoft Office 365, and cloud hosting. They also set up a remote connection to servers and systems, ensure protection against viruses, spam, and malware, establish a backup and disaster recovery program and oversee the security of your network, servers, and Wi-Fi.

Network Medics have succeeded in offering managed IT services in Blaine because of their highly educated and experienced IT professionals, comprehensive tech support of Minnesota clients, 24/7 monitoring, and standardized yet customized services. They also control your data solely to resolve issues directly, manage warranties, licensing, and patch information, and stay transparent in providing support and reports. You can expect the same from them if you hire them, too.

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