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8 Things Managed IT Services in Bloomington Should Do for You

Today, you don't need an IT team when you can hire a managed service provider. An MSP provides network, server, and applications to organizations. It also hosts and manages all these applications like how an in-house IT team would. But if you want a full picture of what you can expect from a provider of managed IT services in Bloomington, it will help if you know what they can offer you.


The first thing a company offering managed IT services in Minneapolis should do is to assess your network infrastructure. Only then will they be able to establish quarterly benchmarks that will evaluate the risks you are exposed to and what mitigating solutions are available to lower such risks. Aside from these, though, a benchmark should also provide insights into opportunities for improvement and maximizing the organization's existing technology and workforce.

Proactive Security Measures

If you hire a managed IT Minneapolis service provider, they should know better than to be less than stringent when it comes to monitoring threats. There is a constant existing threat posed by ransomware and hackers that require continuous monitoring. If you combine it with a set of cybersecurity protection tools, then you can at least augment your current security protocols.

Prompt Support

Every time you call for managed IT services in Bloomington, you should expect them to be willing and ready to come to your aid. It helps if you find a resolution-oriented provider, one that goes above and beyond the call of their contractual terms by providing you with prompt support. If that support translates to higher employee productivity, all the more you should appreciate your managed IT Minneapolis service provider.

Managed IT services Bloomington
24/7 Monitoring from Managed IT Services in Bloomington-

The whole point of hiring a managed service provider is to improve your security through 24/7 monitoring. This could have cost you a lot if you would have done it in-house, something that only large organizations can afford. However, hiring a reliable company offering managed IT services in Minneapolis can give you this support without the high cost of hiring an entire IT department. In the same way that criminals know how to strike you with surprise attacks, your IT support should always be alert and ready round-the-clock.

Strategic Planning

Despite you paying for managed IT services in Bloomington, they are not merely companies selling IT support. They should serve as your long-term business partners who will take the time to know what your goals are, what your current situation is, and what services you need to reach those goals. After considering these things, they should be able to put their heads together with you to come up with a strategic plan that will equip you with a competitive advantage over your competitors. This plan should also include an allowance for potential growth and a solution for all your managed IT Minneapolis needs.


If you are ready to move to bigger and better things, but your workforce cannot keep up with your managed IT services in Bloomington, your service provider should provide the necessary training. Moving to a cloud-based platform will not do your company any good if your team does not have the required cloud skills to maximize the platform's use. Make sure to ask your service provider if their offer includes employee training.

Disaster Recovery

Outsourcing your needs for managed IT services in Minneapolis means your website will also be backed up by their technology and data centers. Regardless of what a natural disaster or cyber attack will do to your website and the rest of your system, you can trust that you will be back online in no time.


If you are entering the growth phase of your business, your managed IT services in Bloomington should be able to keep up. The last thing you need is to lose sales opportunities because your inefficient IT systems are holding you back.

What Working With a Managed IT Services in Bloomington Offers

Working with a provider of managed IT services in Bloomington, such as Network Medics, means accessing numerous IT solutions. These include 24/7 server and workstation monitoring, both proactive and reactive IT support, cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery, and client concierge services complete with technology planning and vendor advocacy. Their managed IT Minneapolis services also include application hosting applications, anti-virus, SPAM protection, anti-malware, Office 365 solutions, secure remote connection to your servers and systems.

Network Medics' managed IT services in Bloomington don't stop there. They also provide comprehensive support for your entire network, manage your software, hardware, warranties, licensing and patch information, and complete control of your organization's data. If you need a client training clinic, they offer this, too. From the moment you sign a contract with them until such time that they wrap up their project with you, you can expect Network Medics' managed IT Minneapolis services to come with constant updates for your organization.

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