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Stuck with Bad IT Support in Plymouth? Here’s What You Should Do

Are you unhappy with the current outsourced IT support that you are getting? If you are, don’t put your business at risk or miss significant opportunities just because your IT support in Plymouth cannot keep up with your needs. Moving to another service provider might prove to be the competitive advantage that will propel you to the top of the rank in your line of business.

Why Organizations Switch IT Support Providers

Businesses that have changed their provider of outsourced IT support have done so for various reasons, including the following:

IT Support Plymouth
  • Poor customer service. If you’re done with an IT support provider that keeps ignoring the terms of your service-level agreement (SLA) and has to be chased every time there is an IT problem, it’s high time to make the switch. This usually happens if the provider is understaffed with overworked IT specialists. You need IT support in Plymouth that respects your SLA and even exceeds your expectations.
  • Delayed support. Nothing feels worse than expecting the support you’d think would come after calling what you thought was a dedicated IT specialist assigned to your account. A good IT support provider can give you instant response through a reactive support service, whether remote or onsite.
  • Lack of onsite support. You can easily get remote outsourced IT support but nothing beats the assurance of getting onsite support. You’re going to need a provider that can send someone to your office if the issue remains unsolved after a day or so.
  • Lack of 24/7 support. It would be best to let go of IT support in Plymouth that does not monitor your IT assets or resolve your issues round the clock. Remember that you need to minimize downtime and getting 24/7 monitoring from your IT support provider can help you keep up with this particular goal.
  • Poor technical knowledge. You outsourced IT support because this is not your field of expertise, so you expect your service provider to be able to handle any IT-related questions and problems that you pass their way.
  • Too many exclusions. You discovered too late just how many exclusions are in small print after you signed the SLA with your IT support provider. Now, you want to get out and find a more upfront deal.

What to Consider Before Moving to a New IT Provider

  • Assess the existing IT support contract. Before you decide to change your source of IT support in Plymouth, go over your current contract first. Check when you will be legally able to make the switch based on the terms of your SLA. For some, it might need a few months of advanced notice before they can leave their current IT support provider.
  • Organize all your IT documents. While waiting for the time when you can legally transfer to a new provider of outsourced IT support, collect all the documents related to the IT work done for your company. Don’t forget about data backups. Some of the critical documents that you’re going to need are log-in details to servers and other systems, current domain host, and details about your data storage and backups.
  • Do your research about potential IT support providers. Narrow down your list carefully and thoroughly. Gather as much information as you can about each one and what they can do for you.
  • Find an IT support provider with compatible systems. Usually, a problem comes up when the IT support provider ends up inexperienced in migrating the cloud, which is required for the transfer. Ask your potential new IT support in Plymouth about their expertise, or lack of, in this area, so there will not be any surprise after you have signed the contract.
  • Be upfront about your desire to leave your current IT support provider. Despite how dismal their performance has been for you, the only ethical way to make the switch is to tell them about it. You have to be professional until the last day of your contract with them.

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