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IT Services and Other Tricks to Secure Wi-Fi Network

Are you confident about the security of your Wi-Fi network? This question might not have even crossed the minds of some business owners, whose only concern might be how fast or slow their Internet connection is. Unfortunately, even small and medium-sized enterprises business owners have to pay close attention to their network security. That’s because cybercriminals are targeting SMEs. You must have peace of mind and assurance that you can keep confidential data safe and that your customers can trust you. For this, you can get professional IT services in St. Paul to help.

Here are some IT support services and other steps that you can do to secure your Wi-Fi network and business data:

1.Find a Secure Location for Your Router

Before you go all techie when it comes to securing your Wi-Fi network, you might want to start easy by choosing the right location for your Wi-Fi router. Put it somewhere safe, such as a locked office, far from the windows. Instead, install it at the center of the office to keep the Wi-Fi signal within the premises. Cybercriminals can easily intercept wireless signals that travel far from the office. You can do this even without help from professional IT support services.

IT Services St. Paul

2.Change the Wi-Fi Network Name

The default name of your network can tell anyone who sees it the exact model and make of your router. Hackers can use these details to search for documentation that might be their gateway to your network. If you’re planning on hiring IT services in St. Paul, you can let them do this for you for your protection.

3.Change Router Login Details Frequently

Your first layer of network protection is a strong password and your commitment to change it frequently. Instead of sticking to the default “admin,” make an effort to think of a hard-to-guess password. Managed IT services providers will tell you as much. The password should be 15 characters long and a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. As with any security measures, you shouldn’t waste the protection you’ll get from IT support services by giving the password only to employees who need it for work. Make sure to change the login details at least every quarter or if an employee resigns from the company.

4.Activate More Firewalls

Wi-Fi routers usually have a built-in firewall for your internal network security that fends off outside attacks. However, you might need to activate it. If you cannot figure it out, you can expect firewall activation to be a part of your IT services in St. Paul. Boost that firewall protection by installing yet another firewall on your computer.

5.Use the Latest Software and Firmware

If you have managed IT services providers securing your network for you, they will likely check for firmware updates for your Wi-Fi router regularly. It is also up to them to patch your network regularly to address specific vulnerabilities. Fortunately, you can set software updates to self-install so it will be less of a hassle for you or your IT support services provider.

6.Encrypt Your Network

This is among the most critical steps that you should do to ensure your security, or you can let professional IT services in St. Paul do it for you. You will have to choose from WPA, WPA2, and WEP, although the WEP is the go-to default password for routers and the easiest to crack. You can expect more security from WPA2, but your router, like many others, might only be compatible with WPA. Managed IT services providers can do this for you.

Invest in Comprehensive Managed IT Services St. Paul

Setting up a secure network and paying for IT services in St. Paul is cheaper than saving your business after a malware attack and data breach. It is undoubtedly much better than losing your customers’ trust and paying hefty financial fines for the breach. And if all this talk about network security is stressing you out, you can let managed IT services professionals take over. They have the IT infrastructure and knowledge to help you out while you focus on what you do best – your business.

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Network Medics offers network security that protects your data and your reputation. Our managed IT services include managing our clients’ network security, 24/7 monitoring, installing anti-malware and anti-virus software, updating firewall settings, and other security solutions. We can help keep cybercriminals from stealing confidential data and let you direct your full attention to managing your business. If you’re ready for reliable cybersecurity IT services in St. Paul now, call 612.315.1900!

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