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Why Network Security Should Be Part of IT Services Plymouth?

Network security consists of all measures taken to protect the organization's network and every piece of data in it. It also includes identifying threats that could compromise the data and make you lose credibility. But you cannot entirely focus on maintaining network security when you also have to run your business and continue delivering products to satisfy your customers. Hence, you need professional IT services in Plymouth to keep your network secure.

How important is network security for businesses? Here are some of the most important reasons why your IT support services should include management of network security and round-the-clock monitoring of network equipment, among others:

7 Reasons Why Your IT Services Should Include Management of Network Security

1.Statistics Says It All

If you look at statistics, you will understand why you should not miss out on getting network security among your outsourced IT services in Plymouth. For one, 94 percent of malicious software is delivered using email. Without proper cybersecurity measures in place, you could easily fall into this trap.

Phishing attacks make up over 80 percent of documented security incidents. Unfortunate victims of these attacks lose an average of $17,700 per minute.

Around 60 percent of data breaches are due to the lack of patch applications. About 63 percent of businesses also admitted to suffering from these security issues within the last few months due to silicon- or hardware-caused incidents.

IT Services Plymouth

Companies lose around $3.92 million after suffering from a data breach, something that reliable outsourced IT support can prevent with concrete network security plans.

2.Secure Data

When your clients entrust you with their information, it is your responsibility to protect it or risk it falling into the wrong hands, such as those of identity thieves and hackers. With proper IT services in Plymouth, your IT providers can help you keep that responsibility. These are the same services that will save you thousands to millions of dollars in data breach costs. Combined with careful and continuous monitoring of computers, servers, and Wi-Fi, you can enjoy assured network security from your IT support services provider.

3.Prevent Spyware Attacks

Network security can address threats from spyware or viruses, which may not only compromise the integrity of your data but the functionality of your computer systems as well. If you can successfully defend these systems with the help of the IT services in Plymouth that you're getting, you can save money from not having to pay for new systems.

4.Avoid Business Interruptions

Even a minor cyberattack can disrupt the regular pace of your business and put client information, financial details, and inventory information at risk. If the attack leads to a digital shutdown, then you cannot expect to function as usual. You can avoid this kind of business interruption, though, by getting IT support services that include managing network security.

5.Protect Assets

Everything, from the computers to the Wi-Fi router and every single piece connecting your devices to your network, is an asset that needs protecting. Even company data are assets that you need to secure. You need to have network security in place among the IT services in Plymouth if you want to maintain your business integrity, safe access, and protection of confidential information.

6.Observe Regulatory Requirements

Business organizations need to comply with specific regulatory requirements, something that outsourced IT support providers have to contend with. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union made regulatory compliance a priority among IT providers once more. The regulation that took effect in May 2018 put companies at risk of paying substantial financial penalties, require them to follow more rules in admitting to data breaches, and cause them to undergo more scrutiny to test their data security. If you're still about to outsource your IT services in Plymouth, make sure to hire an IT provider that is familiar with dealing with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

7.Boost Competitive Advantage

Having adequate network security that makes you less vulnerable to cybercriminals is a definite competitive advantage these days, given the number of attacks targeting businesses. It is primarily an asset for companies that involve e-Commerce and online financial services.

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Network security is one of the outsourced IT support services you can expect from Network Medics' managed IT services in Plymouth. We manage servers, Wi-Fi, computers, and network security. We also provide 24/7 monitoring of servers, workstations, and network equipment. We protect your assets for you while providing reactive and proactive onsite IT support services, backup and disaster recovery, anti-virus and anti-malware protection, and more. If you're interested in boosting your cybersecurity, call our IT specialists at 612.315.7160 and get a quick assessment today!

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