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Prepare Data Backup in Woodbury and Other Steps to Take After a Cyberattack

Running a business these days means safeguarding it not only against physical threats but against cyber risks as well. You cannot operate a business now without thinking about the risks posed by hackers and other cybercriminals. This is why proactive cybersecurity measures are necessary, and just like how you prepare your employees through fire drills, earthquake drills, and other drills in case of a disaster, you should have the same approach toward cyberattacks. And one of these critical measures is preparing a data backup in Woodbury so the attack won't happen again.

Here are the important steps that you should take after seeing signs of a cyberattack, from spotting the breach to setting up data backup solutions as a precautionary measure:

1. Identify the attack.

Many cyber criminals try to conceal their attack for as long as they can as they slowly steal data, intercept confidential communication, or damage the network. According to the 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study: Impact of Business Continuity Management, it took organizations an average of 197 days in 2017 before they were able to find signs of a data breach. Ransomware, though, are different because the targets can immediately feel their effect in the form of encrypted files, which can only be released once the ransom is paid.

While it only seems natural for you to panic, you must maintain your controlled, analytical self. First, try to find out more about the attack. Only then will you be able to think of appropriate steps, from enlisting the help of IT professionals to calling your data backup service provider to help reduce the damage.

To further identify the breach, you should determine the nature of the cyberattack, its extent, what IT assets and information are affected, and which customers, suppliers, or connected networks are included in the breach. You also need to determine the implications of the cyberattack on your organization. You're going to need these in finding the best data backup in Woodbury later.

Data Backup in Woodbury

2. Evaluate the severity of the breach.

Regardless of what data was leaked, the attack could negatively affect your credibility and put your customers, suppliers, and other partners' information at risk. Even if you enlisted a data backup service so you can recover your data with ease, you still need to assess the extent of the breach.

Scan your computer systems to find the source of the breach. It could be a phishing link or malware in one of the emails to your employees. It could also be a disgruntled insider who leaked the information. You should know what data the hackers accessed and the risk that other data are exposed, too.

3. Establish containment measures.

Once you've found the source of the attack, it's time to start disconnecting the affected network connection to stop hackers from further exploring your systems. Remove the affected files. Run software updates and patches. Make sure to protect critical data, something that you need even with data backup solutions. Everyone within and outside the organization that was affected by the attack has to create new login details and use two-step authentication. Don't waste time uninstalling affected programs and files. You can always install their clean versions from the data backup in Woodbury later.

4. Fulfill your obligations after taking into account the damage caused by the breach.

Even if you're dreading your customers' and the public's reaction to the attack against you, it's crucial to be transparent. This is an important step where you tell clients and employees about the breach, how it will affect them, and what you are doing to resolve the problem. For transparency purposes, you should also show them what changes you are making to ensure that the breach won't happen again, from investing in data backup in Woodbury and tightening cybersecurity.

5. Notify the authorities and everyone affected.

Notify the authorities following formal communication protocols, which should have been established along with searching for a reliable backup service provider. Internal communication should progress well between the leaders and the different departments to disseminate information properly. Don't only focus on your IT department.

6. Prepare data backup and other disaster response plans.

Nobody is guaranteed safe against data breaches, so everyone needs robust data backup solutions. Enlist the expertise of data backup service providers in developing your disaster recovery plan, which should include clear assignments, communication protocols, offsite data backup in Woodbury, and regular penetration testing. Its other components are asset inventory, equipment protection, data continuity plan, and proper documentation.

7. Be ready for the backlash.

While you can relax a bit after taking care of the breach and putting data backup solutions in place, you have to face yet another hurdle – the fallout. This could range from lawsuits to complaints and complying with lengthy law enforcement processes. But you can face this by showing a willingness to compensate for any damage experienced by affected customers and partners and by following the law.

8. Maintain high standards of cybersecurity.

You already have data backup in Woodbury that could help you resume operations after a breach, but you should stay vigilant. Keep training employees about the best cybersecurity practices and invest in a trusted managed services provider for all your IT needs.

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