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14 Most Common Issues Dealt With By Customer Service Help Desk in Woodbury

IT help desks have to provide technical issues related to a company's IT infrastructure. Support tickets may pile up, but some of them can be quite easy to sort through because they are repetitive. Here are some of the top 15 common issues that a customer service help desk in Woodbury may handle.

1. Password Reset

People tend to forget passwords, think that they logged in using the right password until they get locked out after a few tries, or use expired passwords. This common burden on your customer help desk, though, can be relieved by providing a self-service tool that would allow end-users to reset their own passwords.

2. Slow Internet Connection

If you have a wireless Internet connection at the office, some spots may receive a strong connection, while others may be unstable at best. It might slow down if users open many windows at once or if their computers got a malware infection. It is up to your customer service help desk in Woodbury to educate employees about what not to do to prevent compromising your Internet speed.

Customer Service Help Desk Woodbury

3. Blue Screen

When users see their computer screen suddenly turning blue, the most likely response is to call the customer help desk in a panic instead of reading what's on the screen. This can be resolved by providing end-users with an FAQ or an easy tutorial. In some cases, it can be fixed by simply rebooting it. It also helps to designate a specific support sub-team for this particular problem.

4. USB Devices Not Working

Sometimes, your computer might not immediately recognize USB devices, causing employees to go directly to their online support desk for help. But it is important to train employees first to check if the USB device works in another port on the computer, if the port recognizes other USB devices, or if the USB works on another computer's port. If these simple troubleshooting problems don't work, that's when your customer service help desk in Woodbury should come in.

5. Computers Running Slow

Employees might complain about their computers taking too long to follow instructions. Let them check if they are running too many programs all at once or if their computer might be catching up on updates or virus scans. Advise them to close the unnecessary programs. The customer help desk technicians can reschedule updates and scans after business hours instead.

6. Printer Problems

In some cases, restarting a printer may resolve an issue. Unfortunately, some problems are too complicated for this troubleshooting step to handle. The online support desk has to step in and figure it out. It helps if your printers have descriptive device names instead of their weird default names for easier identification.

7. PC Shutting Down

When there is too much dust accumulating around a computer's cooling fan, the machine overheats, causing it to shut down. It is up to your customer service help desk in Woodbury to ensure that computers are dust-free. If the machine is clear of dust, then the reason could be a virus infection, which the customer help desk must address to prevent further damage.

8. Lost Files

Losing important files is enough to send someone into a panic. The online support desk can assist end-users in recovering data, either by restoring them from the Recycle Bin or telling the users to refrain from using the drive as the technicians try to recover the data.

9. Failure to Log In

This issue could be due to the use of the wrong password because the users forgot the current one or typing it in without knowing that the Caps Lock button is on. It could also be because the users took too long to type in the password, or they entered the wrong password several times.

10. Wireless Network Keeping People Out

When the Wi-Fi router gets overloaded, some users might not be able to connect to it. The customer help desk technician has to advise the users on how to ensure that the router is connected and that the login details are right before attempting to reconnect.

11. Spilled Liquid on Laptop

If your workplace allows people to bring food and drinks at work, this could easily be one of the common issues haunting your customer service help desk in Woodbury. Your help desk team could educate employees on how to be extra careful when handling laptops and drinks together and how to submit a ticket right after the accident.

12. Computer Virus Infection

The customer help desk should handle issues like these with extreme care, as this could be a sign of an even more serious data breach. When these are reported, your IT specialist must gain access to the affected computer, either in-person or remotely, and run a virus scan. Patches should be applied as well.

13. Dead Mouse

Even something as simple as a dead mouse could affect employee productivity, which is why the online support desk must have an established process for a quick mouse replacement.

14. Frozen Computer

When computers suddenly freeze-up, it could be due to part failures, which your customer service help desk in Woodbury can fix. They might conduct a few troubleshooting methods first before going straight for hardware repair.

A trusted managed IT services provider like Network Medics can attend to these common help desk issues for you. We have been doing this for our clients for years and we know how important it is to ensure your employees' productivity. If you want to know exactly how our 24/7 customer help desk can be of assistance to you, call our IT technicians today!

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