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4 Signs You Need to Outsource Customer Service Help Desk in West St. Paul

You have been DIY-ing your IT help desk for years and have been coasting along just fine until one issue piles up after the other. You’re still unhesitant, though, about bringing in help where the customer service help desk in West St. Paul is concerned. However, you might want to make up your mind about outsourcing your help desk once a few signs that you cannot manage it alone. Here are some of the signs that should convince you to start looking for a managed service provider offering an outsourced customer service desk.

1.You Cannot Keep Up with the Support Tickets

At first, you might have been able to entertain calls, emails, or messages about the employees’ and customers’ concerns, but you’re now falling behind. Running a customer help desk can be quite demanding, especially if you have a growing IT infrastructure, company size, and customer base. You’d know that you’re struggling with keeping up with the tickets when you notice these signs:

Customer Service Help Desk West St. Paul
  • Longer resolution times. Each support ticket at your in-house customer service desk takes a lot longer to resolve than the past few ones you’ve had.
  • A growing list of complaints and end-user dissatisfaction. People are getting more frustrated about how their tickets seemed to be ignored by your in-house support staff. And when your team marked the ticket resolved, the end-users considered the resolution subpar. There are even complaints about how badly the interactions were handled. These could be due to the lack of support staff and expertise in handling some issues.
  • Leftover support requests. Every day, there is a growing pile of support requests that are left ignored by your in-house customer service help desk in West St. Paul. Some are escalated to the next level, even if they could have been resolved at the first level. It’s all because there is a barrage of support tickets coming in daily.
  • More sick days. The stress from handling your customer help desk tickets and listening to the complaints of your employees and customers can take a toll on your support staff.

2.You Cannot Afford Your Own Customer Help Desk

Your business is still not the size where it would be practical to maintain an in-house customer service desk 24/7, but it’s not small enough for a few IT support staff to handle either. If you don’t want to impact your employees’ productivity by delaying the customer help desk they need or risk losing customers because they are unhappy with your resolution times, it would be best to outsource now. Instead of overloading your IT specialists, hire a reliable managed IT service provider to help. You’ll only pay for what you need and even close a deal for a fixed monthly fee for your outsourced customer service help desk in West St. Paul. This should help you manage your IT budget, too.

3.You Can No Longer Keep Up with the Best Practices in Managing Technology

If you notice how you’re falling behind on updating your operating systems, patches, and drivers, as well as your antivirus and anti-malware programs, this puts you at a higher risk of getting hacked. Observe how your in-house IT technicians are relying more and more on YouTube tutorials and Google to resolve issues. This only shows how lacking your customer service desk is in terms of training. If you also see them using personal devices to help address support tickets, this is proof that your IT tech is not enough to take care of your end-users needs. Keeping this practice up will also expose you to cybersecurity issues, especially if these personal devices are not as secure as the IT equipment that your company owns.

4.You Don’t Have IT Help Desk Experience

Your in-house technicians might not have enough experience and training to resolve all the support tickets that come your way. The lack of technical expertise can slow down the average resolution time of your customer help desk team. You might also end up with dissatisfied employees and customers who feel as though their issues were not adequately addressed by your support staff.

If you notice the signs above while you’re operating an in-house customer service help desk in West St. Paul, you might want to consider the idea of outsourcing it instead to a trusted managed service provider like Network Medics. We offer customer help desk and remote support among other services, such as backup and disaster recovery, onsite support, network security management, Office 365 solutions, cloud hosting, 24/7 monitoring of IT infrastructure, and more. You can get to know us as a managed IT services provider if you visit our website. If you want to get a glimpse of what we can do for your customer service desk needs, call us for a quick assessment today!

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