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Computer IT Services in Woodbury: Importance of 24/7 Network Monitoring

Maintaining network uptime is one of the most important responsibilities of an IT solutions company. The more downtime you experience, the more chances there will be of your customers leaving your website and going to your competitors. Keeping your uptime rate as high as you could cost you money, something that companies with tight IT budgets might struggle with. However, you can achieve it and several other benefits if you invest in network monitoring as one of your computer IT services in Woodbury.

Through network monitoring by your IT solutions company, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Computer IT Services Woodbury

1. Early Detection of Issues

If your IT solutions company monitors your virtual or physical IT infrastructure 24/7/365, then they will immediately spot potential issues before they even develop into an even bigger problem. Well-trained IT specialists know how to identify these issues and know how to be proactive in resolving them. This is something that you might not enjoy if you decide not to hire experts. With early detection of problems, you can prevent expensive and disruptive downtime that might stop operations for hours or days. This potential result alone is enough to justify paying for computer IT services in Woodbury that include network monitoring.

2. Save Time

If you used to have in-house staff manually monitoring your network for as many hours as possible, you can let them rest and reassign them to more strategic projects. In their place, you can let IT outsourcing services do their magic round the clock. Most of these automated monitoring solutions from an experienced IT solutions company send alerts when they detect networks getting traffic problems. The time saved from not having to do the manual monitoring can be spent on projects that can increase revenue, improve branding, and contribute to the company in general.

3. Identify Signs of Network’s Limited Capacity

Due to the 24/7 monitoring, you can identify problems and resolve them immediately. It also gives way to improved scheduling of patches and updates, allowing you to work around off-peak hours to avoid disrupting normal business hours. Your employees’ productivity does not have to suffer if you have network monitoring among your computer IT services in Woodbury.

4. Minimize Expensive Network Outages

According to the International Data Corporation’s survey of the Fortune 1000 in a 2015 report, unplanned application downtime costs these companies around $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion annually. But you can avoid shelling out millions to billions of dollars if you have network monitoring as part of your IT outsourcing services. It can notify you about transmit and receive statistics, CPU utilization, or error percentages exceeding normal thresholds that you’ve set for a device. These alerts will then inform your IT solutions company to start working on the potential issue before it blows up and disrupts your operation.

5. Better Security

Despite putting security measures in place, you still need network monitoring to assure you that these measures are indeed working. Your computer IT services in Woodbury should see to it that your anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall are doing their job of eliminating security threats and preventing hackers.

6. Reduce Support Sales Calls

The fewer downtimes you have, the fewer calls for customer assistance you’ll get. This is one of the advantages of proactive network monitoring from trusted IT outsourcing services providers that will save your reputation. This will also keep you from having to issue newsletters explaining what happened and apologizing to your customers over a network outage.

7. Decrease Time for Troubleshooting

Computer IT services in Woodbury that include 24/7 network monitoring allow you to check real-time performance, device status, and historical metrics. In turn, this helps you identify problematic devices, productivity levels, and the real cause of your network problems. Armed with these pieces of information, your IT solutions company will likely be able to troubleshoot issues much faster.

8. Better Management of Changing Network

Regardless of what new technology you have purchased to improve your network, your IT outsourcing services provider will still have the right network monitoring tools to keep track of everything. You still need these tools to ensure that your fast-changing network is still a good fit for your business.

9. Spot Signs That Require Upgrades

If you want to request upgrades, you need to support it with facts and figures, something a historical report from continuous network monitoring can provide. It will be easier to justify why you have to invest in new network equipment or computer IT services in Woodbury if you have the tools to back your request up.

10. Optimal Performance

If your network is up most of the time, thanks to vigilant network monitoring, everyone in the company can be productive. Even if you experience an outage, it will likely not be as severe as in companies without proper monitoring tools.

11. Observing Compliance

Many industry regulations require some type of network monitoring as a proactive security measure. Hiring an IT solutions company to do it for you instead of doing it on your own can ensure that you will be compliant.

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