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How Computer IT Services in Roseville Can Help Your Security Policies

Cybersecurity has become a critical aspect of running a business today, especially after hearing about reports of ransomware attacks becoming more frequent. A report showed that in 2019 alone, 104 ransomware attacks or more hit government offices and schools. It helps to be prepared in handling this risk and the adversity that it might bring if you ever get attacked. You could start by investing in the necessary computer IT services in Roseville and establishing IT policies to improve your cybersecurity measures.

There are a few essential IT policies that will form the foundation of your cybersecurity plan and you can implement them better if you have a reliable IT service provider as your partner. Here are the policies that you should pay close attention to if you want to boost your security:

Cybersecurity Policy

The IT solutions services that you choose will play an important role in executing your cybersecurity policy. It has key components that would need proven and tested computer IT services in Roseville for it to be a success. These components include the following:

Computer IT Services Roseville
  • Hardening components. You should establish measures that will stop hackers from accessing your system. You can task for IT solutions services that will assess users’ profiles to prevent malicious hackers and insiders from compromising your security.
  • Detection. You should monitor IT systems and other relevant assets that you are using to detect threats immediately. This is yet another task that your IT service provider can help you with. They can monitor your servers, workstations, and network equipment, as well as manage network security, servers, Wi-Fi, and computers. Early detection is important in minimizing the damage left behind by viruses and malicious files.
  • Post-attack response. If any of the computer IT services in Roseville detected a breach, your cybersecurity policy should include a response plan. What steps should you take after your IT service provider notifies you of the attack? Have you planned your backup and disaster recovery? How do you plan on handling your customers’ reaction to the attack? This last issue should be handled by another IT policy.
  • Inquiry. Once your IT solutions services have taken care of the attack and have salvaged everything after the breach, it’s time to work with your IT service provider to determine what happened. Your policy should also address the vulnerabilities to prevent the attack from happening again.

Disaster Recovery Policy

Even if you have excellent computer IT services in Roseville, you can’t say that you are 100 percent protected from cybercriminals. Like your IT specialists, these hackers are also quite creative in finding your vulnerabilities and attacking you afterward. But even if the attack does succeed, you can still do something to minimize its impact by developing a disaster recovery policy. Your IT service provider can help you with this, from identifying your vulnerabilities and brainstorming about potential security issues to establishing how to get your systems online after they get knocked out. It is also critical that your IT solutions services include testing your disaster recovery plan to make sure that it works in getting your operation back to normal.

Escalation Management Policy

This policy is all about setting up parameters as to when senior management should be involved in an issue. You should know which complaint can be handled by your subordinates and which ones you and the other executives should know about. Issues that need to be escalated are typically ones that involve a major client, a systemic problem, or a significant oversight. Talk with your IT service provider to assist you in creating this policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

You need to put the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in place to define what is included in the list of company resources, how these resources should be used, what responsibility comes with access to these items, and more. This policy should cover issues, such as access, access to computer resources, legitimate business purpose, lack of privacy when using shared resources, and password handling responsibility. Other items that this policy should include are email footers, exchange of trade secrets, how to avoid wasting computer resources, illegal material, illegal copying, accessing files owned by other users, computer security, and more. Discuss these topics with your provider to know what more computer IT services in Roseville you’re going to need.

Change Management

Given the fast-changing business environment, your ability to adapt to these changes is crucial for you and your bottom line to thrive. You have to accept that changes are inevitable, be it to your computer resources, employees, or other factors. But this policy covers changes to corporate data and systems. If you work on the change management policy with your IT service provider, you will be forced to understand the effect of the change first, prepare a back-out plan if things don’t work out, and give the assurance that the change is wholly agreed upon by leadership.

Network Medics

Network Medics can help you establish necessary IT policies while providing IT solutions services, like how they have been doing for years. We can assist you in determining how to protect your company from cybercriminals better and how to improve your bottom line knowing how well protected you are. If you want to improve your cybersecurity and plan your IT policies better, call us at 612.315.1900 or fill out our online form on the website. Claim your free assessment today!

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