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Why You Need Cloud Data Backup in Minneapolis?

Data loss is one of the biggest threats to businesses these days, considering how dependent day-to-day operations have become on the availability of information. You can’t afford downtime for hours because you can’t retrieve the data you need to move your daily processes along, which is why you must have a cloud data backup in Minneapolis.

Before you start hunting for a backup service, it helps if you understand the value of having a backup plan and how looking at reliable cloud backup services can give you peace of mind. The main goal of having a backup is to have copies of your data critical to your daily operations. Without it, you’re going to waste time trying to rebuild what you lost, if you can even do that. While you scramble to recover from the data loss, you’ll be losing business opportunities and credibility for being ill-prepared.

So, why do you really need a cloud data backup in Minneapolis?

Cloud Data Backup Minneapolis

Protection Against Various Causes of Data Loss

There are so many reasons that might lead to data loss, including human error, hardware failure, viruses and malware, and power loss.

Human errors usually pinpoint to a staff accidentally damaging a storage device or scrapping an entire folder of information. In some cases, the data might be recovered, but having a backup service for your critical data will make the retrieval so much easier.

Hardware failure is yet another common cause of data loss. This often consists of the hard drive crashing or the computer malfunctioning. But you can be proactive and pay for cloud data backup in Minneapolis in case something like this happens.

Cyberattacks due to viruses and malware are quite common as well. A research firm dubbed 2019 as the “worst year on record” when it comes to data breaches. Another firm showed that it could cost a company as much as $3.92 million to pay for damage control, investigation cost, lawsuits, repairs, and fines, and this number is bound to increase in the years to come. Cybercriminals design their malicious programs to steal, delete or modify the information or bog the system down until it becomes slow and non-functional. If you don’t want to deal with the multi-million cost of a data loss due to a data breach, pay for your cloud backup services instead and save money in the process.

Without power, your network and computer system will stop working in a snap, causing it to lose data that you failed to save or corrupt some files. Even if the power loss does not cause data loss, it might ruin your computer hard drives. The more this happens, the more at risk you are of your hard drive crashing and still losing data in the end. For proactive measures, it would be best to call in a cloud data backup in Minneapolis.

Prevent Ransomware

Many cybercriminals have turned to holding information, encrypting it so you won’t be able to access it unless you pay a ransom. You’re not safe from these kinds of attacks if you think that you’re too small of a business to get their attention. If you don’t have enough security, at least have cloud backup services to lean on. If you fall victim to ransomware, you can quickly restore your data and get on with business like usual.

Cost Savings

Data loss isn’t something that you can shrug off if it meant potentially losing millions in recovery, lawsuits, and more. Downtime due to data loss and lack of backup service can negatively impact your profitability and productivity. An hour of unproductivity can easily cost a small firm around $8,000, a mid-sized firm around $74,000, and a larger company about $700,000. Do you have this spare amount of money lying around? If not, protect your business and invest in cloud data backup in Minneapolis.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have cloud backup services that will take care of rebuilding and recovering important data in case of data loss can give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about losing customer information, inventory data, financial records, payroll data, business plans and strategies, and mailing lists. Instead of worrying about losing your business and your customer’s trust, get cloud data backup in Minneapolis.

How the Cloud Data Backup in Minneapolis Can Help?

Network Medics provides managed IT services, including cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery, application hosting, proactive onsite support, network security management, all in a cost-effective IT solutions package. Level up with your backup plan and invest in cloud data backup in Minneapolis. Discuss your backup needs with any of our IT specialists. Call us today at 612.315.7160!

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