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6 Busting Myths About Cloud Data Backup in Eden Prairie

How much do you know about cloud backup services? These services are so much more than just about saving documents, photos, and other files online. The limited knowledge that people have about cloud data backup in Eden Prairie has even led to the development of some myths. You might have encountered these misconceptions yourself and let them influence your decision where cloud backup is involved. It's time to break away from these myths by reading the truth about them.

Myth 1: It is easy to set up a cloud backup

This is not true because the process can get quite complicated and you need to take extra care in setting it up. It also takes time because you have to make sure that you have backed all the critical files. It is much more than just saving data in the cloud after you've signed up for cloud backup services.

The backup process in itself also needs to meet your industry's compliance requirements. Otherwise, your business might be held liable, especially if you fall victim to a data breach after ignoring regulations. These legal requirements only serve to complicate things further, which is why it is best entrusted to experts in cloud data backup in Eden Prairie.

Cloud Data Backup Eden Prairie

Myth 2: Cloud backup services are expensive.

Getting these services will cost you money, but not as much as buying and maintaining your server or the cost of data loss. As cyberattacks get more frequent and intense, an online backup will assure you that if the attacks succeed, you can still quickly restore your data from the cloud and get on with business as usual.

If you think about it, you can even save money if you opt for a cloud data backup in Eden Prairie. Doing so will keep you from paying for software installation, storage space, tape drives, and libraries, redundancy hardware, archiving and retrieval software, maintenance cost, and more. You can also scale your cloud backup services up or down as needed.

Myth 3: Cloud backup services are secure.

As with other IT services, not all online backup services are created equal. Some may be less secure than other services. It helps to do your homework as to which provider of cloud data backup in Eden Prairie you should choose. Some service providers might guarantee reliability but not availability after a certain period. Others might only need to keep certain files for a specific timeframe, after which you'll be left to look for an archiving service. Before signing a contract for cloud backup services, ask how long they will store your data, what the archiving process will be like, and how you can go about retrieving your data from the backups.

Myth 4: You don't need cloud backup if you already have cloud storage.

You're used to using the cloud for easier collaboration when working on your projects, so you would think that this is enough backup for your files. But did you know that even cloud storage can suffer from malware or outage too? Given the impact that these possibilities may have on your business, the best thing to do is to get a cloud data backup in Eden Prairie. Use this even for the files already saved in your cloud storage. These data can then be quickly restored if something happens to your first online backup.

Myth 5: One to two backups are enough.

If you think you can rest easy knowing that you already have a backup or two, you're wrong. The more backups there are, the more at ease you'll feel. You can trust, though, that reliable cloud backup services will store your data in data centers in different locations to minimize the risk of data loss. Aside from your online backup, you might also want a local backup using an external hard drive. This will help you retrieve your files if, for some reason, there is a delay in accessing your data in the cloud.

Remember that multiple backups will not be enough if you cannot restore them. This is why you should oblige your cloud backup services provider to do test restores and do so regularly.

Myth 6: The initial backup takes too long to complete.

The time needed for an initial backup to finish depends on the size of your data, your upload bandwidth, and the bandwidth of the server used for the cloud data backup in Eden Prairie. It also helps if you have faster computer hardware. The bottom line is that it is close to impossible to determine just how long the initial online backup will take. Talk to the cloud backup service providers that you are considering to ask them about this.

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