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Security Culture Tips: Use Business IT Services in Woodbury and More

When you think of cybersecurity, you might think about how technical everything in this aspect is. While learning about cybersecurity also means learning about the latest digital advancements to secure everything online, you should not only focus on the technology. Sometimes, this focus makes you forget that as much as technology plays a role in keeping your company secure, your employees’ behavior also affects it. As you invest more in business IT services in Woodbury, take the time to establish a cybersecurity culture too.

So, how do you start to put up a foundation of a culture that prioritizes cybersecurity in the workplace? Here are some tips to consider:

Business IT Services Woodbury
  1. Conduct Cybersecurity Training

    Your employees need first to be aware of the importance of cybersecurity and how their participation will be a great complement to whatever IT business solutions you will use. It will help if you start introducing the basics, such as using a strong password, changing it regularly, and enabling a two-factor authentication log-in. On your end, you should ask your IT solutions company to limit access to confidential data, software, and critical systems. Make sure to explain this to your employees during the training, too.

    The training should be educational, fun, and engaging to make it more relatable to your employees. Cite real-life examples of what will happen if employees do not observe cybersecurity hygiene. Make sure to conduct this training for newbies during the onboarding process and prepare refresher courses for existing employees.

    One way to make it fun is to start a competition. It could be about who spots a phishing email first or who reports an unsecured spot. The more familiar your employees with cybersecurity hygiene are, the easier it will be on the part of the IT solutions company to secure your network.

  2. Teach Everyone the “All In” Mentality of Keeping Cybersecurity

    Contrary to the usual attitude that assigns the entire responsibility of keeping your company’s IT assets secure to the IT team, everyone should be involved. While this should be part of the business IT services in Woodbury that you’ll hire, all the employees should step up to do their role in maintaining a cybersecurity culture. Everyone should be responsible for keeping the company secure. This is why you should customize not only your IT business solutions to your industry, but also the training that you conduct for each department, location, and position.

  3. Set Up a Disaster Recovery Plan

    Just like with cybersecurity training, your disaster recovery plan should not only be understood by the specialists from the IT solutions company and your in-house team. Appoint a disaster recovery team to perform audits and deal with the aftermath of disasters. Include the plan in your cybersecurity planning, the same way that your outsourced business IT services in Woodbury which include security measures, should be discussed.

    Instead of waiting for the regular data backup process conducted as a part of your outsourced IT business solutions, train your employees to back up the files they use for work. Give them a checklist of what they should do if they spot signs of a security breach. This is an excellent way to complement the security efforts of the IT solutions company.

  4. Evaluate Post-training Behavior

    All the training programs conducted are useless if they don’t translate to performance and change in your employees’ behaviors. Conduct regular assessments and exams to ensure that your employees understood their training. Establish metrics to help measure their improvement.

  5. Encourage Transparent Communication

    Don’t leave the burden of spotting weak spots, security breaches, and improper cybersecurity behavior to your IT solutions company and in-house IT specialists. Establish an open line of communication to make it easier for anyone to report improvements, achievements, as well as mistakes.

  6. Reward Those Who Observe Cybersecurity Measures

    Boost employee morale and give your employees an incentive to follow all the cybersecurity measures that you have established. Celebrate milestones and congratulate everyone who completes the training. If you have the budget for it aside from paying for your business IT services in Woodbury, give out cash rewards. This should help motivate employees to take cybersecurity hygiene more seriously, not just dump it all on your IT business solutions provider. Remember that you will save more money in the long run if you can prevent a disastrous data breach.

    Moreover, your incentives for people to do well in protecting your network are security advancement. This can benefit you more in the years to come.

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