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What is VPS Hosting?

What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

A virtual private server (VPS) is an economical means through which a small business can gain additional flexibility and efficiency than what is offered with shared hosting without the expenditure associated with operating a dedicated server. We find that most small businesses do not need all the power of a dedicated server, hence VPS offers a good in-between option when you expand your shared hosting.

A VPS is a server that operates within a server. One physical server hosts numerous virtual servers, each isolated from the others. Each VPS runs its operating system, independent of the others, developing the illusion that it is its independent server. It is also possible to independently reboot each VPS.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

Both VPS hosting and shared hosting share a single server’s resources. As far as shared hosting is concerned, resources are shared equally between all users. This explains the fact that the bandwidth any user has available will constantly be in flux, and each user will fail to have as much control over the amount of bandwidth available at any given time.

On the other hand, VPS offers a more personalized option that allows you to have more control over your data and bandwidth usage. When selecting a VPS service provider and plan, you will actually be able to select one that permits you access to a maximum amount of bandwidth, RAM, and server space, allowing you to select how much you may need, and the most important thing is that all of it will be yours and you can use it anytime.

5 Benefits of VPS Hosting

Following are some of the key benefits provided by VPS hosting:

1. Control

Installation of server applications requiring a system restart can be done anytime. You can restart your VPS server without affecting another server even though you technically share a server with other VPS servers.


You no longer have to share your OS with anyone else, hence reducing the chances of unauthorized access.

3. Reliability

When creating a website of your own, you have to take into account your website’s reliability. One big advantage of VPS hosting is that it increases your website’s reliability. Both the performance and the website’s uptime can be enhanced with the help of a VPS server. VPS users can also overcome specific issues like Server Load, RAM, etc.

4. Managed data backups

A VPS plan should be able to offer a way to backup your data. This is essential because anything may happen within the provider’s network, hence it is highly recommended that you choose a service that permits you to manually backup your data.

5. Good security

VPS hosting guarantees excellent security for your website. This is a huge benefit one can get from VPS hosting because security is immensely important as it can make or even break your website within just a few minutes.

Given all these benefits, it has been established that VPS hosting is an exceptional choice if you are planning to upgrade from a shared hosting platform. Providing you with the best VPS is Network Medics – a managed IT service provider that offers VitalVM Private Cloud (VPS Hosting). This solution delivers excellent virtual private servers, storage, security, and connectivity without requiring huge upfront equipment costs. The equipment is well maintained along with regular upgrades and high security. VitalVM offers security anytime and anywhere and also allows you to access your servers to your cloud resource sandbox. All these are kept secure within Network Medics’ onsite Tier 3 compliant data center.

What’s more, Network Medics also provides fully-managed support for any VPS Hosting package. VitalCare Managed Network Services provides support for your infrastructure in the cloud and also at your office permitting you to have a complete technology package. All Network Medics VitalVM VPS Hosting Plans are available with:

  • Superior quality and performance: VitalVM VPS servers operate on highly redundant infrastructure with super-fast response times and no hidden bandwidth charges.
  • 99.999% uptime: Network Medics’ SLA guarantees network, hardware, and infrastructure uptime of 99.999% in a Tier 3 Minnesota-based data center.
  • Certified support: With Network Medics, you can get to the right engineer instead of getting to several help desks.

Choose Network Medics for all your VPS Hosting and Support requirements.