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Need Colocation in a Cloud-centric World? Managed Colocation is the Solution!

For the last 7+ years, Network Medics has been involved with helping push the envelope for small business on all the amazing features of virtualization and cloud computing. At least in our home court in Minneapolis, we were one of the first providers of a custom built private cloud solution (VitalVM Private Cloud Servers) for small to medium sized businesses.  With the cloud computing industry finally getting out of its beginning phases, surprisingly the data center physical colocation industry has changed minimally. This likely due to colocation’s standard long term agreements and the overall difficulty and costs associated with migrating a solution in colocation. That aside, physical colocation has never left Network Medics’ solutions arsenal as we are set up to support the colocation model of the future – making it “cloud-like.”

Cloud Managed Colocation

Here are 3 ways we make our colocation solutions “cloud-like”:

1) A Fully Managed Service – We can offer more than just an apartment building for servers. Through our VitalCare for Infrastructure solutions, we can add on managed services such as firewall management, updating, planning, server management, backup and recovery services.

2) Customer Service – We want your experience to be similar to a high-end hotel.  We know you want easy access to your information and the ability to speak with a knowledgeable customer service manager or technical support person. From your client concierge to our Network Engineer team, we are here for you.

3) Custom Flexible Solutions – There is no need to rent an entire rack. You can use our internet connection or bring in your own.  Just have 1U? No big deal. The point being we are here to help you find the professional solution at an appropriate budget and timeframe.

For more information on our colocation solutions, please visit our VitalHosting page or contact us today!