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Managed IT Services Help with Insider Threats

Managed IT Services Help with Insider Threats

Protecting data is essential for businesses because threats come from all sides. Cyberattacks are relentless, cost companies millions, and rightfully get a lot of attention. Insider threats also put companies at risk, though they don’t make the headlines as often. When small and mid-sized businesses rely on managed IT services, they get round-the-clock monitoring that detects unusual activities.

Targeted Insider Attacks

One insider attack that actually did make the news was discovered in April 2017. A vendor employee working with Anthem Medicare stole and misused data about Medicaid members starting as early as July 2016. The individual emailed a file to his personal email address, and it contained such sensitive information as Social Security numbers and members’ names. Research shows that incidents are increasing in which internal employees become insider threats.

Cybercriminals sometimes hack into a corporate network through an electronic device that already has access or by walking into or breaking into an office and plugging into an ethernet port that’s unprotected, stealing a company server or laptop, and in other ways.

Insiders and Unsecured Data

A 2019 study found that 51% of companies surveyed give every employee access to thousands and sometimes millions of folders containing sensitive information. When data is globally accessible, the organization faces an increased risk from insiders, ransomware and malware attacks, and other cyber threats.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Protecting a business from insider and outsider threats requires multiple layers and varieties of safeguards on-site and online. With managed IT services, cloud monitoring is continuous and provides the most updated defenses against the newest strategies used by cybercriminals as well as the shady activities of nefarious insiders.

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