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IT Managed Services Model

Pros and Cons of the IT Managed Services Model

As a business owner, there are a variety of decisions and processes that you have to think about and deal with every day. To make sure that your business is operating efficiently, you will have to consider all of the products and services that you make use of. Especially nowadays, wherein a wide array of business solutions have become available to all sorts of companies. Some of the most common services that many business owners sign up for are our IT and managed services.

But there will always be good and bad sides to all business services. And when it comes to the IT managed services model, there are pros and cons, too. Let us first look at what good things this kind of business service can give you.

IT Managed Services Model

Pros of IT Managed Services Model

1. More Time and Less Worries

Service providers who understand the IT managed services model know how crucial this kind of service is to their clients. They understand that every move that they make can affect a business process in one way or another. With the right managed service provider, you can have fewer worries and more time in your hands because your managed service provider will take care of all the IT needs of your business.

2. A Team of Pros to Help You Out

By working with a managed service provider, you won’t have to worry about the type of manpower that you have for your IT. Service providers will always see to it that the people working for them are all experienced professionals and are dedicated to providing their clients with quality business solutions.

3. No Hiring and Training Necessary

If you don’t have the knowledge base and a well-versed IT team as part of your in-house team, don’t fret. With the IT managed services model, you won’t have to worry about hiring new people and training them, because your managed service provider will be the one to take care of all your IT needs.

4. Cost Savings

Without the need to purchase IT infrastructure and train an in-house team, you will have more savings when it comes to taking care of your IT needs. By working with a managed service provider, they will be the ones taking care of all the hardware, software, and manpower to deliver the services that you signed up for.

5. Improved Efficiency

With a team of IT professionals working to provide you with the business solutions that you need, you are sure to experience a more efficient business process. Managed service providers take care of maintaining and managing your systems and servers, along with a few other tasks. With the IT managed services model, your service providers can help you avoid encountering technical issues through frequent maintenance and audits helping guarantee that your system is working smoothly.

But aside from the positive points of working with MSPs, there are also a few potentials, but avoidable, negatives that may occur if you and your managed service provider were not able to properly communicate each other’s expectations:

Cons of IT Managed Services Model

1. Problems with Security

Your business data is one of the most important resources that you should take great care of. If not handled properly, your private information might leak outside your database and might fall in the wrong hands. At the same time, data breaches can also affect the credibility of your business and ruin the trust of your clients towards you.

2. Objectives Are Not Aligned

Even before you decide to make your MSP a part of your business, you must communicate with them what your specific needs and expectations are. Why are you signing up for their services? What are you hoping to gain? What are you expecting from your MSP in terms of helping you with the IT side of your business? These things should be discussed to avoid any potential misalignments once you have your MSP onboard.

3. Reliability Issues

You must do your research first before deciding to deal with a certainly managed service provider. The IT managed services model has helped a lot of companies in becoming more successful, but it is because they partnered with MSPs who understand their role and have taken it on themselves to be responsible and reliable. For your business to succeed, you need everyone involved to take responsibility and do their best to meet their commitments.

If you are looking for an MSP that understands the IT managed services model and knows what to do to deliver quality business solutions, contact Network Medics. We are here to give you a very positive experience when it comes to managed services.

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