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How the Best IT Services in St. Paul Can Reduce Downtime?

A 2019 report showed that organizations are most concerned about brownouts or outages involving their IT infrastructure or software, along with availability and performance. Availability has become a precious commodity in the business world, so much so that a single outage can cause lost revenue, dissatisfied customers, and a ruined reputation. But you can keep your IT downtime as low as possible if you have the best IT services in St. Paul.

Organizations with more frequent IT downtimes can spend 16 times more on recovery and mitigation than those that experience fewer outages or brownouts. This cost usually includes lost revenue, compliance penalties, lost productivity, mitigation costs, lowered stock price and damaged reputation. But a company in Minneapolis can keep these costs to a minimum if they entrust their IT needs to a reliable provider of managed IT services in Minneapolis. You can do the same by hiring a reputable firm offering the best IT services in St. Paul. How can they help?

Being Proactive

If you talk to managed IT Minneapolis service providers, they will show you just how vital a proactive approach is in detecting cyber threats and preventing them. This is way better than the break-fix approach, wherein you'll have to wait for a problem to crop up before resolving it, in which case it might be too late and damage would have already occurred. These providers offer managed IT services in Minneapolis that include a 24/7 monitoring of your network equipment, servers, and the rest of the operations, detecting potential causes of downtimes, and addressing such causes right away. They observe the highest standards of cybersecurity, ensuring that your data remains secure. They also spot potential breaches before they escalate into full-blown cyberattacks, preventing downtime.

Best IT services in St Paul

Setting Up Redundant Backups

Even if you cannot wholly prevent virus or malware attacks, the best IT services in St. Paul can still minimize downtime by increasing data recovery through redundant backups. It will be easier to retrieve data, as they were before the attack happened if you have multiple copies of them backed up in data centers or the cloud. Just like how managed IT services in Minneapolis include a disaster recovery plan with redundant backups, make sure to look for the same solution from the best IT services in St. Paul.

Using State-of-the-Art Equipment

If you observe the way managed IT Minneapolis service firms operate, you might notice them using the latest of everything, from the firewalls and security gateways to email security solutions and other security features. This is their way of putting themselves ahead of cyber attackers, something that the provider of the best IT services in St. Paul should also do for you.

Preventing Ransomware Attacks

A Kaspersky study shows that ransomware attacks a business every 40 seconds. If you fall victim to this, you will need the best IT services in St. Paul to save you by developing a disaster recovery strategy for you. You shouldn't pay the ransom if you get attacked to prevent the criminals from getting funds to stage future attacks, creating more problems for more organizations. It's a good thing you can call in managed IT Minneapolis or St. Paul service providers for help in mitigating malware or virus attacks.

Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Regardless of whether you develop your own software or buy a commercially available one, these programs need constant patches or upgrades to keep off the cyber attackers. If you're focused on your core business, you can entrust this kind of regular maintenance to a reputable firm offering the best IT services in St. Paul. With a regular schedule to patch, update, and maintain proprietary software, you can count on not being unknowingly vulnerable to the latest attacks.

Training Employees

Aside from relying on the managed IT services in Minneapolis or St. Paul for downtime prevention, train your employees to be keen on reporting even the smallest issue with IT functions. No matter how minor it is, it might need to be addressed by skilled IT pros right away to prevent it from escalating into an outage.

Preventing downtime can be pretty overwhelming, but if you partner up with a reliable IT consulting firm such as Network Medics and its the best IT services in St. Paul, it will be a massive help to you. The firm offers round-the-clock monitoring of equipment used in day-to-day operations, secure remote connection to servers and systems, cloud hosting, warranty tracking, network security management, and more. Minimize your downtimes now with the help of Network Medics. Call them today for a free assessment!

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