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How the Best IT Services in Bloomington Can Fight Ransomware?

Ransomware is expected to be the top threat to cybersecurity this 2020. Attacks using this malware have increased by 18% in 2019, which is a jump from the average 12% increase in the past five years, according to Chubb, a cyber risk insurance firm. These attacks also make 23% of the smaller businesses’ cyber claims and 40% of that made by manufacturers. For your organization, you might be wondering how the best IT services in Bloomington can help you fight these threats.

If you work with the best IT support companies, they would know what the best practices are when it comes to improving your cyber defenses against ransomware attacks, which include the following:

Educate Users About Malware Risks

Train your employees regularly on the significance of cybersecurity best practices. You can even ask IT companies to conduct such training programs, which will teach employees not to open links or attachments from unknown sources, how to spot legit sources from suspicious ones, not to enable macros when receiving email attachments, and more. Caution must be practiced in the same way you hire the best IT services in Bloomington with utmost care.

Best IT Services in Bloomington

Perform Frequent Network Testing

Do your vulnerability scans of both internal and external networks as frequently as possible. Do the same for web applications and network devices to spot vulnerabilities immediately. Invest in penetration testing from reputable IT companies, too.

Customize Spam and Email Filters

Set email and spam filters to block emails with suspicious attachments automatically. The best IT support companies know that most ransomware gets sent via email. It would be easier to screen emails this way than risk unknowingly opening what could be your business’ doom. Most IT companies will likely suggest adjusting the default script file associations of your Windows OS to prevent them from being used by modern malware.

Stay Up-to-date on Updates and Patches

Patch your OS, browsers, antivirus, and other software to keep them up-to-date. This is an obvious inclusion in any offer from the best IT services in Bloomington. This was a hard lesson to learn after the WannaCry attack, which targeted Windows OS that was not current with their patches. If you hire one of the best IT support companies, they would have the tools to quickly do an inventory and monitor all your IT assets, ensuring that they are not posting a security risk to the entire business. These tools will also be responsible for spotting which software doesn’t have the latest updates and patches.

Minimize Device Vulnerability

Devices that don’t have the latest version of the Windows OS are vulnerable to malware attacks. The best IT services in Bloomington will likely advise you and your employees not to connect devices with vulnerability issues to your network.

Use Current Antivirus Software

If you work with one of the best IT support companies, you can be assured that you will always have access to the latest antivirus software. This will be immediately updated once new threats are detected.

Impose a Whitelist

Instead of developing a blacklist of known malicious sites, you might want to whitelist the secure websites that your employees are allowed to access. Even the best IT services in Bloomington benefit from it by reducing the risks of their staff downloading malware to their computer and network.

Conduct Regular Data Backups

Critical data must be a subject of regular backups with several restore points. IT companies that value the importance of backup and disaster recovery plans will likely suggest that backups be done on two separate media. If you don’t want the business to halt after a natural disaster or a cyberattack, you need a backup plan that will have you back up in just a few hours.

Check Your Incident Response Plan

In the case of a cyber emergency, you should have easy access to the best IT support companies. Your IT support must be prepared to implement your incident response plan, as needed. Make sure everyone who is involved in the plan knows what those roles are and what they need to do in case more problems crop up.

Working with the Best IT Services in Bloomington

Network Medics can give you what your organization needs when it comes to improving your cybersecurity. This is one of the IT companies offering the best IT services in Bloomington. They provide malware risk assessment, disaster recovery plan, data loss prevention management, and technical plan to provide for your company’s needs, among others. They are also known as one of the best IT support companies that offer reputable managed IT services to organizations, too.

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