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Windows 10 – Don’t Be a Chicken From Network Medics

Windows 10 – Don’t Be a Chicken

Hi, Kevin here. we will take about Windows 10 – Don’t Be a Chicken – It has been a few weeks since the Windows 10 official launch, so I thought I would chime in on what I am experiencing since the O/S was released on July 29th, 2015. Thus far I have it on 3 workstations I use throughout the metro, a Lenovo X1 tablet that is a few years old, and for testing purposes, a 6-year-old HP laptop with a standard HDD. Onto the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Windows 10 - Don't Be a Chicken

Windows 10 – Don’t Be a Chicken The good:

  • Its fast… Just to make sure it wasn’t just because it was on new hardware, I installed it on a 4-year-old laptop. Windows install was minutes, explorer windows pop up faster, programs appear to be more efficient at finding resources, and some scripting seems to be at a higher pace with the same hardware.
  • Feels like good ol’ Windows 7, but with a fresh coat of paint.  Overall, it’s what Windows 8 should have been for goodness sake. I still have no idea what the UX team at Microsoft was thinking on Windows 8 when you couldn’t switch between a tablet and a desktop experience.  In Windows 10, there is a giant slider box within the new settings area to make those decisions easily.

Windows 10 – Don’t Be a Chicken The bad:

  • From our experience thus far, Cortana is still not efficient. But, all of us make fun of Siri too, so maybe it’s just a crabby tech thing.
  • Windows Search maybe needs some work. Using various obvious search terms over the last few weeks, Windows 10 had no idea what I was looking for. It is possible this new version learns over time and I have not researched that.

h2>Windows 10 – Don’t Be a Chicken The ugly:

  • I am not a huge fan of a lot of the default desktop images. It looks the designers really wanted to try out all the new add-in filters in Photoshop CC 2015.
  • I set my background to Network Medics’ red. Because I’ve had it that way since the dawn of time – since Windows 3.1 anyway.

This iteration of Windows (10) will follow their every-other-version-rocks tradition and is going to be successful for you and for Microsoft. The drivers work, the interface was tweaked by a better team, it feels “normal” and the stats are coming in positive. Windows 8.1 dipped from 16.45 % share to 14.93%.  Windows 10 is now at a 3.5% share.

So, if you wanted to know how many computer nerds in the world were standing by last July to immediately install Windows 10, we account for 3.5% of the total world population.

Overall, if you like Windows 7, don’t be a chicken. Get Windows 10, it’s good for you and eats like a chicken noodle hot dish. Yeah, you betcha.

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Written by: Kevin Calgren, Partner

Nerd Stats Source: The Register