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What is Managed Services? 

Managed services deal with outsourcing routine technology management responsibilities to a third party as part of a strategic method for enhancing operations and boosting a return on their technology investment.

  • Managed services cover the maintenance of your technology for a monthly fee.
  • Managed services automatically apply all critical patches, updates, and fixes to your computer systems.
  • MSPs monitor your computer’s health and alert you when things go wrong.
  • MSPs also use a ‘ticketing’ system to keep track of all work and provide IT support on a timely basis.
  • Managed services provide preventive maintenance for your networks and computers.
  • MSPs work remotely, hence you need not wait for them to come to your office whenever you need help.
What is Managed Services

11 Benefits of Managed Services Provider

Given below are some of the key benefits of managed services when your organization begins to outsource its IT requirements:

1. Practical solutions

Better performance is guaranteed when you decide to outsource your IT. The managed services provider will help prevent any business-related issue from becoming worse and resulting in increased downtime and expensive repairs.

2. Reduce risk

There is also a risk when it comes to investments made by your business. We find a constant change in technologies, markets, government regulations, and financial conditions. An outsourcing provider will help in managing a variety of risks for your business because of its industry knowledge in security issues, compliance, and several other business-related areas.

3. Controlled spending

MSP help in providing customized solutions for all their clients. This prevents you from worrying about the services that are covered and you will also be provided with affordable pricing options.

4. Security and compliance

When outsourcing to an MSP familiar with PCI compliance standards, MSPs help in minimizing the risk related to client data, credit card numbers, and other such sensitive data. The managed services will employ security strategies capable of keeping your firewall and your DMZ up-to-date, among various other security measures. DMZ here refers to a demilitarized zone that is a logical or physical subnetwork containing and exposing an organization’s external-facing services to an untrusted network, generally a larger network like the Internet.

5. Level the playing field

Bigger companies mostly have in-house support services along with a team of IT professionals who work full time. This type of privilege cannot be provided by small and medium-sized businesses due to financial restraints. One key benefit of managed IT services is that outsourcing enables gaining the expertise and the insight that bigger companies have, thus helping in leveling the playing field between you and your competition.

6. Vendor management

Managed services deal with the hardware and software vendors, preventing businesses from dealing with complicated, technical conversations.

7. New technology

Managed services will help in the easy and quick implementation of new technologies into your business. Any new project can be immediately started, saving you money and time.

8. Reduced costs

The key benefit of a managed services model refers to its potential to reduce business costs. One of the costs that businesses fail to remember is that MSPs help to reduce the probability of expensive network disasters.

9. Access to IT professionals

MSPs are in-house IT staff members but without the associated cost. When working with an MSP you will have access to the well-informed staff available at your convenience for any type of IT-related issues and queries.

10. Stay focused on your business

A business limits the time and attention of every manager when it has limited resources. Another key benefit of managed services is that it helps you to remain focused on your business requirements as the MSP continues to deal with complicated IT situations.

11. Quicker response time

When businesses work with MSPs, they receive the fastest response time support. These MSPs will be able to repair most network-related issues experienced by your business.

To understand how a managed services model can improve your business and help you gain all of the above-mentioned benefits, contact Network Medics which can help your business with its VitalCare Managed IT Services.

Network Medics’ VitalCare Managed IT Services are unique and allow you to concentrate on running your business by taking up the responsibility of providing services like:

  • Application hosting
  • Proactive and reactive onsite support
  • Help desk and remote support
  • Cloud hosting and local servers
  • Antivirus, anti-malware, SPAM, and content-filtering protection
  • Secure remote connection to systems and servers
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Office 365 or hosted email solutions
  • Client concierge services with vendor advocacy and technology planning
  • Hardware, licensing, and software procurement with warranty tracking
  • Project planning and management
  • Management of Wi-Fi, servers, computers, and network security
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of servers, network equipment, and workstations.

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