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What is Managed Colocation?

Building a data center facility would be expensive for organizations as they have to spend huge amounts of money on buying IT infrastructure assets. Organizations will have to spend a fortune on getting all aspects of a data center in a place. These aspects include power, storage, facility space, cooling, minor assets, and security. These organizations would have a hard time building in-house servers mostly because of the expertise and effort needed to house them in an optimum environment. To avoid these additional expenses, organizations are now turning to colocation services offered by data center service providers.

Managed colocation services extend the benefits of typical data center colocation services to include physical hardware assistance, system administration, server backups, network equipment management, and proactive response monitoring. To keep your data online, you will need servers, data centers, storage, and network connectivity. Besides, you will also need the expertise to configure, maintain, and manage those environments. Organizations usually spend hours focusing on these tasks instead of concentrating on their core business. It is now time to hand over those tasks to a service provider and acquire some of the benefits of managed cloud hosting. In the process, you will not disturb your finances by continually utilizing the capital expenditure and hardware plan your business have been used to.

Moving on from this brief introduction to managed colocation services, it is time now to take a look at some of the key benefits of managed colocation services that are suitable for your organization.

What is Managed Colocation

Benefits of Managed Colocation

  • Security

Companies opting for a managed colocation provider will always want their data to be guarded and monitored 24/7. Colocation providers are answering the call for smarter and tighter security by employing up-to-the-minute protocols in both cybersecurity and physical infrastructure. Colocation data centers also use cutting-edge cyber security protocols that include next-generation firewalls and managed backup services. Such a setup will guarantee the restoration of both virtual and physical data in case of loss due to a disaster. With the increase in the amount of corporate data breaches, companies should consider making data center colocation as the foundation of their disaster recovery plan.

  • Backup and redundancy

If you are running a data backup business, you are well aware of the fact that one location is just not going to be sufficient for operations. This is why having a managed facility is considered to be the best solution that will give you peace of mind as you can be sure that your customers’ vital service or data is in more than one location. Backups take place frequently in such a setup and can also be continuous.

  • Environmental impact

Some organizations keep an eye on their carbon footprint and even try to offset it. Allowing your equipment to be managed would result in efficient capacity management at all times, which fosters operations that waste little energy.

  • Flexibility and scalability

A growing company requires a strategy for anticipating and managing dynamic expansion. Colocation data centers allow companies to get to higher bandwidth levels during peak traffic times without the need for planning and allowing them to pay for just what they use. Data spikes are shared over time across many users, lowering bandwidth costs for colocation “tenants.”

  • Cost-effective

If a customer attempts to set-up his or her IT infrastructure on-site, then he or she will have to be technically sound to manage different types of barriers besides having all the other facilities in place which are essential for a successful run of a data center. Hence, opting for managed colocation services will help in saving huge costs for organizations.

To help you get all these benefits and a lot more, we at Network Medics are willing to take the colocation management duties and make things easier and better for you. Network Medics will take complete control of your operations and business requirements on your own licensing and hardware. All Network Medics managed colocation plans comes with the following benefits:

  • 99.999% uptime

Network Medics’ SLA promises network, hardware, and infrastructure uptime of 99.999% in Tier 3 Minnesota-based datacenter

  • Certified support

We will give you a proper engineer and multiple help desks to assist you with your wants.

  • Quality and performance

VitalVM VPS servers run on extremely redundant infrastructure with super-fast response times and no hidden bandwidth charges.

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