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Your Annual Network Backup Super Moon

Network Backup Super Moon

Your Network Backup Footprint has an Annual Super Moon

With the 14% Super Moon conversations being all the rage this week, its a good time to review your network backup and overall data footprint which also increases about 14% per year. A data footprint is for the most part how many files you have and how much space it takes up. If left unchecked, it escalates the bloat to your overall network backup and disaster recovery challenges. On average, your network sees an increase of data by about 10-15% every year. From word documents to email, it becomes a quick way that increase costs every day and delay your overall recovery time objective (RTO) in your disaster recovery plan.

Network Backup Super Moon

At Network Medics, within your VitalCare Managed IT Services and technology plan, we help you clean your data footprint on an annual basis. With software and some good ol’ fashioned manual review, we keep this in check.  It is important we consistent put your data into two main areas:

Active Data

This is what keeps your business operating – files, emails, folders, or anything that is currently generating revenue.  Maybe its a current design project, this years taxes, or your current QuickBooks Database.  It is imperative that this data be recovered quickly alongside your servers as a main part of your disaster recovery plan protocol.

Inactive data

For you older folks, this is digital equivalent to “back in the day” when old physical files were stored offsite or in your file cabinet. Inactive data is digital files, emails, folders, or anything that you do not need to see everyday or access quickly.  There are very easy, affordable, and simple ways to back up this data that does not need to be part of a quick recovery time objective (RTO) within your disaster recovery plan.

Just like the November 2016 Super Moon, be as much as 14% brighter this year about keeping tabs on your data and how fast it can be recovered. Network Medics will help you consistently keep tabs on your important operations and your technology planning needs.

OK now, back outside to check out the sky...