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Medical Technology Consulting for Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Medical Device.

Healthcare, life science, and medical device companies that embrace cloud technology must protect their patient privacy and assure HIPAA compliance through medical technology consulting. Physicians and researchers already spend too much time on insurance, billing, and compliance paperwork. Along with that, the pressure for efficiency is increasing:

medical technology consulting

•    HIPAA mandates tied to potential fines make patient privacy non-negotiable.
•    Affordable Care Act is increasing the number of insured and generating an influx of new patients.
•    By 2014, Federal HITECH Act required Covered Entities to implement EMR.

Network Medics is here to help you. Our VitalCare Managed IT Services offer our powerful network security products and capabilities that were built from the ground up to support clinics, practices, and hospitals as they strive to comply with regulations, maintain quality care, and hold the line on security.

With our service and 24/7 support, your staff has the freedom to focus on patient care instead of worrying whether your business tools are compliant.

HIPAA-focused Cloud technology

Network Medics’ medical industry consulting will assure that you meet the privacy and security requirements for Protected Health Information (PHI). Our policies, procedures, technologies and services can be audited by a third-party to validate conformance with HIPAA privacy and security requirements.

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