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Managed IT Services Packages

Common Inclusions in Top Tier Managed IT Services Packages

Deciding to get top-quality managed IT services packages is a good move for any company with a large number of employees. With almost all business processes now being run using computers and servers, it’s only fitting for large businesses to take advantage of managed services. If you are thinking about signing up for an all-inclusive managed IT service package, then these are what you can get.

Managed IT Services Packages

1. Helpdesk and Remote Support

In one way or another, you can expect that a technical issue might arise in your company. Whether you have an internal IT staff or not, it is still better to have a tech support team who can dedicate their time to resolve your problems whenever you call.

2. Onsite Support Services

Another benefit that top tier managed IT services packages may include is the provision of onsite support. Some would even go as far as provide this service without charging any travel fees. Onsite support services are usually individually offered through break/fix support services, and the downside of it is every time you request for a service, you have to pay a fee. But for a top tier managed services package, it’s free and available, either on a regular basis or whenever you need it.

3. System Monitoring and Alerts

This is the usual inclusion of basic managed IT services packages and is a very common service provided by managed service providers. As part of the package, your MSP will monitor your network, system and databases and provide you with notifications in case anything unusual has come up and will need your attention or of any major fixes.

4. Malware, Spyware, and Antivirus Protection

Another must-have for businesses is ensuring that their system is safe from malwares, spywares and viruses that might affect their business operations. MSPs usually includes this in high-level managed IT services packages, and their clients won’t have to worry about regularly scanning their computers for unwanted programs.

5. System and Security Updates

It is also important that your antivirus definitions and your software to always be up to date. But usually takes time to get everything updated and up in running order. This is why your MSP can simply take charge of this part of your business, so that you won’t have to worry about anything getting into your computer.

6. Data Backup Services

Backing up your files regularly is very important, especially if your business relies big time on those data. Your managed service provider can take care of regularly backing up your files, so that you won’t have to worry about losing any important information.

7. Service Reports and Recommendations

Not all managed IT services packages includes this additional service from managed service provider. This is a more in-depth report with improvement recommendations being given by a service provider on a regular basis. Some service providers also provide some extra TLC by meeting regularly with the client and sharing these reports, either in person or through a video conference. You and your internal IT team can also make use of these service reports to help improve your business’ operations and streamline all of the processes involved in your production.

8. Disaster Recovery

We can never tell when or what can happen or what might affect our businesses in the following days. But if ever a disaster strikes, you can rest assured that if you signed up for managed IT services packages with disaster recovery solutions included, you won’t have to worry about losing your files.

Service inclusions in top tier managed IT services packages will always vary from one company to another, it’s also dependent on what type of service a client may decide to sign up for. If you are thinking a lot about whether or not to spend lots of money for a service, it’s best that you do your homework first by researching creating a list of the services you are thinking about getting And if you are thinking about working with a managed service provider, then you should contact Network Medics to learn more about what managed IT services packages you can sign up for.

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