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IT Managed Services Software Minneapolis

Top IT Managed Services Software Used by Providers in Minneapolis

Finding the right managed service provider to work with can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of choices to look into. But did you know that it can also help narrow down your choices if you are familiar with the tools and software your providers are using? Identifying the kind of tools that they have can help you understand the kind of operation that they have and how well they can serve your business. Managed service providers need to pick out the right set of tools for their business. Here are some of the top IT managed services software used in Minneapolis.

IT Managed Services Software Minneapolis

1. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine’s OpManager is one of the most affordable and user-friendly network monitoring solutions in the market. This IT managed services software is used by Minneapolis-based MSPs to monitor various network devices routers, servers, switches, firewalls, printers, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, VMs, storage devices, and other gadgets that have IP and can be connected to the network.

The OpManager software can continuously monitor networks and give users control and in-depth visibility over them. This software can also make it easier for users to look into problems, find their root cause, and solve these issues before it affects operation. It also has a customizable dashboard wherein your MSP can incorporate more than 200 performance widgets to suit your needs as their client.

2. WebTitan

The WebTitan by TitanHQ is used by various companies for web content filtering. This then allows multiple businesses and organizations to monitor, protect and control their business tools and devices from online threats. It is quick and easy to install this cloud-based system and once installed, networks are protected from various attacks, including phishing and malware. With this IT managed services software, your MSP in Minneapolis can create exceptions to your general internet policies to protect users. WebTitan can also help filter website URLs into 53 predefined categories.

3. ConnectWise Manage

The ConnectWise Manage software is ideal for MSPs that cater to various types of businesses. This IT managed services software can be used by your Minneapolis-based provider for a patch, backup, and project management. Its features also include a built-in dashboard, invoicing, and scheduling.

This MSP tool can help your service provider keep track of your infrastructure using various parameters such as warranties, serial numbers, configurations, and more. ConnectWise can also help your MSP with identifying and resolving problems remotely. It can be hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premise in your office.

4. Kaseya VSA

Kayesa VSA is a cloud-based central console used by managed service providers for managing and monitoring IT operations remotely. This IT managed services software is an ideal tool for Minneapolis-based providers to handle various tasks, such as monitoring performances, creating reports and tickets, auditing, as well as handling complaints. Kayesa’s patch management module can update servers and workstations automatically. At the same time, your IT managed services provider can use this software for Minneapolis-based clients to check CPU information, monitor network bandwidth and server load, as well as instantly check the performance of your IT infrastructure.

5. Atera

Made for MSPs and helping them serve their small to medium business customers, the Atera is a cloud-based professional service automation software that specializes in remote monitoring and management. The functions of this top IT managed services software used in Minneapolis include time and expense tracking, billing, invoicing, helpdesk, as well as document and knowledge-base management.

With Atera, users have access to a database that contains a list of customers, contracts, contacts, tickets, devices, and service-level agreements. It also has a repository of encrypted passwords. Its helpdesk feature can help your MSP provide support to customers, and its knowledge base can provide team members with access to up-to-date customer knowledge.

With these top IT managed services software used in Minneapolis, you can rest assured that you can find a managed service provider that can provide you with up-to-date business solutions. With the right set of tools and software, it will be easier for any managed service provider to give their clients the top-notch solutions that they need for their business.

Are you looking for a managed service provider that uses high-end business tools? Contact Network Medics today to learn more about what IT infrastructure and other peripherals you can take advantage of if you work with our staff.

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