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Goodbye AIM, Windows Vista and…

Windows Vista Dead in 2017

Windows Vista, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Windows Phone, Kinect, and more technology had their funeral in 2017. Everybody of course always gets excited about new technology. However, many techies like us get excited to see old technology go away. Its not that we are negative people, it is more that it either put you at risk, muddied the market, had poor communication on its function – or was just a dumb idea that deserves its fate. That said, we do have a bit of nostalgia for some tech. In 2017, many pieces of technology went to the graveyard, and here are a few we think are most notable.

Windows Vista

Goodbye my baby, goodbye my darling, goodbye my ragtime gal.” – Alien Frank McXenomorph, Spaceballs the Movie.

Frankly, it is about time. To Microsoft’s credit, Vista had some lofty goals – but some were ahead of what a standard computer at the time could do. It was a bloated mess running on an entirely new backend of code, so Windows Vista was really the Windows 7 Beta in my opinion. Coming from the super popular Windows XP, Windows Vista was the equivalent of Godfather Part III or Dumb and Dumberer. That said, Windows 10 runs on the same kernel” as Windows Vista, so know its come a LONG way and Windows 10 is pretty sweet.

Windows Phone

We tried it. It really should have been better, but it was pretty surprising about the lack of support. What they got wrong in my opinion is choosing a mobile device is really like choosing your way of life digitally – or like choosing a friend you talk to every day. All my music was already in itunes, I was set on my apps, so why would I drop my best digital friend and start over with something that doesn’t have as much to say – so to speak – and crashes a lot.

Kinect for Xbox360

Oh neat, look at this game peripheral that registers my movements most of the time! How fast can I unplug it? This feels weird – Microsoft is staring at me at all times. Need I say more?

America Online Instant Messenger (AIM)

This one was a nostalgic loss. As a 90s kid this was the place to be on my 486sx before there was texting and you were too scared to call that cute girl in life sciences class. As long as you behaved yourself and didn’t take any wrong turns or disclose too much information in a public chat room, it was a blast. Sending a file to someone over AIM was AMAZING the first time I did that…then Trillian showed up and I could chat with folks that used other IM platforms all at the same time. I can smell the fruit-by-the-foot and my can of Surge now… SURGE!!!


Can…not…see…any…more…my…EYES and ears…hurt…from…these glasses and all of these first world problems that I have. The only way 3D TV will ever work is the technology doesn’t require you to wear anything. *see most scifi movies

iPod Shuffle and Nano

I am still a bit surprised to see these go primarily because I still see a lot of them at the gym. They can fall and not break. They weigh nothing and hold enough music to get you through 3 months of workouts without a repeat. They probably didn’t sell as they don’t die on their own so there is no repeat purchases. The ones that exist now will probably be here until the “year 3000.” -Conan

It is always tough to see some old friends go and be forced to use newer and better technology that makes your life better… and worse. Who knows, maybe AIM will come out again in the future, but be filled with AI chatrooms. Maybe the Xbox Two will have the Kinect secretly built in.

To quote Steven Spielberg, “Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone.”

Written by:
Kevin Calgren
Partner of Network Medics
Minnesota Business IT Consultant
Managed IT Services Advocate for Your Business Sanity

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