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Data Backup and Recovery

What is Data Backup and Recovery?

Any company experiencing major data loss is likely to go into bankruptcy. To prevent such a negative situation, it is essential for system administrators to back up any valuable data and have a backup plan for recovering this data in case of theft or failure. A computer or server can experience different adverse events such as software and hardware failure, physical theft, cyber theft, and cyber-attacks. But, rapid data recovery from installed backup and recovery systems will help in reducing the negative impact of these all-too-often occurrences.

Data Backup and Recovery

Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of a good data backup and recovery strategy:

  • Maintain consistency in an interoperation service. For instance, if you have an environment in which enterprises run their file management services, the work that is executed by transactions must not become unreliable between the different enterprises, even when you come across a specific type of hardware failure.
  • Predict and control how long service is not available because of different failure mechanisms.
  • Test backup and recovery procedures.
  • Prevent operating file systems from filling with log files.
  • Guarantee continuous availability. For instance, service must continue when you take usual periodic backups.
  • Maintain data integrity. For instance, after an error, a region will have to restore the data to a steady state with a minimal loss of updated data.
  • Cut the effects of errors on end-users. Where possible, an error affecting only one application, one database, or one end-user must not cause the whole region to stop. Additionally, if processing for one end-user is stopped, the region will have to be able to back out existing database updates that were executed by that end-user.
  • Provide tolerance of specific types of hardware failures, such as a network failure or a sudden disk failure, to prevent loss of service.
  • Provide an automated restart feature, such as restarting a system on another processor if the main processor malfunctions.
  • Quick data backup and reduced recovery time. Generally, it takes several months to replace lost files when a business experiences information loss or loss of important data. This indeed will affect the relationship a business has developed with its clients, thus losing credibility and trust. You will be able to bounce back if you use a good backup and disaster recovery solution.

All these above-discussed benefits and many more point out the necessity for businesses to have data backup services in the current work environment. To help you get the best data backup and recovery solution, we at Network Medics are here to provide you with an excellent data backup and recovery strategy. IT professionals at Network Medics will help you determine the best practice backup regimen besides recommending a solid solution for protecting your existing and future business requirements.

At Network Medics, VitalBackup has been designed to support a variety of mixed, single, or evolving operating environments. You can get the best backup and recovery solution from us whether you are utilizing VMWARE, Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, NetApp, AS/400, Unix, or Novell. Apart from data backup and recovery, the VitalCare IT Managed Solution will also offer you other general services that include:

  • Application hosting
  • Help desk and remote support
  • Proactive and reactive onsite support
  • Cloud hosting and local servers
  • Office 365 or hosted email solutions
  • Management of computers, servers, network security, and Wi-Fi
  • Hardware, licensing, and software procurement with warranty tracking
  • Project planning and management
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of servers, workstations, and network equipment
  • Antivirus, Spam, anti-malware, and content-filtering protection
  • Secure remote connection to systems and servers
  • Client concierge services with technology planning and vendor advocacy

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