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Compelling Benefits of the Cloud

Compelling Benefits of the Cloud

Digital technology provides businesses with clear advantages but also various challenges, and cloud-based backups provide numerous IT solutions while also cutting costs. The cloud satisfies ever-growing demands for increased data storage and a reliable backup system, but the benefits don’t stop there. Cloud backups also offer next-level collaboration, serve as an integral part of a multi-layered cybersecurity defense system against cyber-attacks, and more. The following are details about the powerful benefits of the cloud.

No Need to Expand On-Site Infrastructure

The need for data storage increases as a company grows; but it’s no longer necessary to purchase additional on-premise infrastructure, thanks to the cloud. Scalable data backup is available from cloud services, allowing businesses to significantly reduce spending on operational costs.

Reliable, Effortless Backup

Cloud systems provide convenient backup of files with a few clicks. Updates of files occur in real-time, as cloud systems automatically add edits made to online files. In addition, files accidentally deleted or lost because of ransomware can be restored.

More Options for Collaboration

Cloud systems also allow companies to create folders and set parameters for who can view, edit, or manage the data. Changes made by collaborators are tracked, and files can be rolled back to previous versions. Extra controls can be added for security purposes, such as expiration dates, passwords, and download limits.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

The only way to achieve a security guarantee against cybercrime is to have a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity. Rarely is it enough to simply use anti-virus software and firewalls. Data encryption is a critical feature for sensitive data, and other cloud protections are also available.

The Cloud is Perfect Backup When Disaster Occurs

Cloud backup is a standard part of virtually every business continuity plan. Even if your on-site IT equipment is lost in a disaster, you have backup with cloud services that could help prevent business downtime. Cloud data centers are built in strategic locations unlikely to suffer from natural disasters. The best services offering cloud backups typically have round-the-clock monitoring, fault-tolerant battery backup, fire suppression systems, and power provided by multiple substations. No matter what unexpected catastrophe might occur at your primary business location, cloud services will ensure that your data is retained.

File Access from Anywhere

Any data that has been backed up on the cloud is accessible as long as you have Internet access. This convenience can be extremely valuable anytime information is unexpectedly needed at a remote location.

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