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What Would You Do If You Lost Everything?

Happy World Backup Day! 

What would you do if you lost everything? This is the question that World Backup Day prompts you to consider when you land on the awareness website.

Thankfully all of Network Medics’ clients have at least a basic technology plan which must include a best practice backup and disaster recovery solution. When it comes to backup, there are consumer class and professional class. Consumer class generally just takes care of files and is best for an individual.  A professional class backup will back up entire physical and virtual servers, allow you to recover a single email, have best-of-breed compression as well as automatic processes to remove the need for tapes. At Network Medics, our professional class VitalBackup offering is architected to support a diverse selection of single, mixed or evolving operating environments. Whether you are utilizing Microsoft, VMWARE, Linux, Unix, Oracle, NetApp, AS/400, or even Novell, we have a sound backup solution for you.

Disaster Recovery Solution

Even cloud based backup should be tested now and then. This can be difficult with many lower-end backup products if used on a professional network. Mainly in part because it is dependent on the speed of your internet connection to recover a large set of files or entire server.  Part of any disaster recovery plan is a frequency of faux disasters where the previously set processes are put into practice to make sure it is functioning properly. With our VitalCare IT Managed Solutions, planning is included in the service and within our focus on your experience with us.

What 3 things should you check on your backup or disaster recovery solution?

  1. Have I completed a faux network disaster or data recovery in the last year and successfully recovered?
  2. What is my Recovery Time Objective? (RTO) Is the current backup or disaster recovery plan taking that into account so my business will stay afloat in an emergency?
  3. Which files are inactive and which are active? Can I reduce my backup time and costs by simply archiving old or inactive files instead?

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